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By now most people have see the finalists. Following up on that listing there's a few issues I want to discuss.

Of course there are the normal questions about why certain sites were included and others were not included. For the most part trying to engage in any discussion along those lines is futile, so I don't even try. If you're curious about the process read the FAQ's in the right sidebar.

There are two sites I do want to mention: The Club For Growth and small dead animals. These two sites had won their categories (Best Business Blog and Best Canadian Blog, respectively) for three years running by pretty large margins. In effect this year we've put them in the "Hall of Fame" by clearing them out of the finalist slate in those categories. Were they finalist again in those categories they likely would have swamped the competition yet again. To us this seemed contrary to one of the goals of The Weblog Awards - for participating sites to have fun with the competition. The prospect of going up a site going for a fourth win in a row could dampen the enthusiasm of the other finalists in those categories. Both sites will be honored (in a manner yet to be determined) on the respective poll page they've been retired from. small dead animals was moved up to the Best Conservative Blog category and Club For Growth was not a finalist in another category this year.

Right now our benchmark for retirement is three wins in a row in a category. We shifted one or two sites around this year (and last year) to discourage that kind of streak from repeating, making the playing field as level as we could in every category. There is one site this year that's a finalists on a two year streak, so next year we may have another "Hall of Fame" inductee... we'll see.

In other news we have a new finalist in the Best Very Large Blog category, as The Bloggess site was mistakenly listed there as well as in Best Humor Blog.  The Bloggess chose to remain in the Best Humor Blog category and relinquish the slot in the Best Very Large Blog category.  JustOneMinute is being added to Best Very Large Blog category.  At the time of the nominations they met the criteria for inclusion in that category though they were nominated elsewhere.  They were first on the list for inclusion if a space opened up.

Finally, one behalf of myself and my excellent crew of judges, I'd like to say how thankful we are to the nice words received from finalist (and non-finalists) about our selections. It's an incredibly hard job they have in making the cut-down and producing finalist slates that cover different sub-genres of the various categories. We work long and hard to be inclusive, recognize new talent, and generally "get it right." Your kind words make it all worthwile...

Update: Here's a little preview of the poll pages... Those are the permanent links to the voting pages for each category. Of course the voting screen is missing, and some of the links don't work yet, but I wanted to share...

Update 2: For reasons described here Whatever has removed themselves from the Best Large Blog category. Fausta's Blog was placed in the vaccant slot. We do have a standby list of sites in all categories for just this kind of situation. It comes in handy...



Two questions:

1. When do you see finalist badges being available (or are they already and I just missed it)?

2. Didn't you used to have a rule about no blog competing in two categories? If so, I think there's another one aside from the Bloggess that has two nominations. (Email me privately and I'll tell you which one).

If you're thinking Strobist, they're two seperate things. One is a blog and the other is a Flickr group. We considered these two seperate sites.

Badges "should" be available later today, I'm waiting for Sean to finish them...

Hi Kevin,

It's actually been four years in a row for SDA, and my thoughts were the same as yours. Being bumped into the current company is both an honour and a challenge I'm sure my readers will enjoy taking on!

Kevin, as a matter of fairness to other blogs, if you're going to remove Whatever, then feel free to replace me in Best Large Blog category. It may be a technicality, but when the submission process opened I was in the 301-500 Technorati ranking, but am now above 500. It should likely be well above 500 but for whatever reason Technorati is not updating frequently enough.

We've been going on the premise that the rating at the time of nomination was the one to count, so you're fine.

In the case of Whatever it was the link that was given in the nomination that was the problem. They didn't qualify in that category in November or now - by a large margin. It was the mixup in URL that caused the problem. In that regard, I suspect this is an isolated case.

We know some finalist sites might have crossed a boundary (on way or another) since nomination, but that's just something we'll all have to live with - I don't think it makes a slate any less competitive. When nominated and judged the finalists were in the proper ranges.

The goal is that the finalist slate be somewhat equal in terms of opportunity to compete. Technorati Authority is a very rough, crude messure to classify with, but there aren't a lot of better alterenatives. If could find another classification system I'd be all over it.

OK. Thanks, Kevin. Your work is much appreciated and I understand how difficult it must be keeping all these categories and sites in order.

Kevin...Thank you for all this helpful information. I really appreciate how hard you and the others work to try and keep everything as fair as possible. Actually, I have no reommendations, suggestions or criticisms...just a kudos--you-all are doing a heck of a job. This has been fun.


Very happy to be a finalist in the Technology category.

Your link goes to the sub-blog Tales of the Sausage Factory on wetmachine. Could you make the link to the main site please?



Yes we will fix that.

Thanks for all your hard work on this stuff. It's an honor for us (Rumors and Rants) to be a finalist in the Sports category. Just wondering where we can get our finalist badge when they are ready?


Just a quick comment - for Science Blog, "Neurologica" is spelled incorrectly - the "R" is in the wrong place. :)

Badges are now available. Check the front page for the link.

Thank you. That's now been fixed.

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