Nominations Closed - Mostly...

Thanks to everyone who nominated blogs this year!  We had a record number of nominations - over 4,800 at last count.

We've closed nominations in nearly all of the 49 categories, but we've left a few open while we work on producing finalist slates for all of the categories. 

Here are the categories still accepting nominations:

Best Large Blog (Technorati Authority over 1001)
Best Mid Major Blog (Technorati Authority between 751 and 1000)
Best Mid Minor Blog  (Technorati Authority between 501 and 750)
Best Small Major Blog  (Technorati Authority between 301 and 500)

Nominations will close in those categories soon, so don't delay in nominating sites.  Also if our readers could spread the word to some bloggers in those categories.

We have been hard at work sifting through the nominees and building finalist slates.  We'll be posting here about the progress all week, this weekend, and next week.  Right now we're scheduled to start voting on December 8, 2008 and nothing,so far, has got us off course for that start date.

Keep visiting the site to get details on the finalist selection process, examples of the voting polls, news about embeddable polls this year, finalist announcements, finalist badges, and much more.



About The Weblog Awards

The Weblog Awards are the world's largest blog competition with over 545,000 votes cast in 2007 edition and nearly two million votes cast in all editions since 2003.

For The 2008 Weblog Awards open and public nominations in 48 categories began on November 3, 2008.  Voting for selected finalists is expected begin in early December 2008.

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Once the polls open comments will be disabled on the site, but you are invited to join us in The Weblog Awards discussion forums if you want to talk about the awards, the nominees, or ask questions.

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