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Blissfully Domestic

Citizen of the Month

ttp:// is my nomination. She is funny and tells it like it is.

I want to nominate Sam de Brito's website for Best Australian NZ blog.

The Pajama Pundit

Jack Bunny is a playwright who comments on arts, literature, and life in general

I'd like to nominate The India Uncut Blog, written by Amit Varma.

It's written from India, but it's fast gaining a reputation that goes much beyond. Check it out, it's awesome!

nominate for

Best Blog

Village Scribe Online

Please consider:


I nominate Brilliant at Breakfast, written by Jill Hussein C., (along with a rag tag gang of team members who sometimes pop in for coffee.)

This is a liberal political/cultural blog that is concise and up to date. It provides a clear and truthful look at the state of our Country and the world, while also embracing the human moments that affect and touch us and shape real life.

Driftglass is one of the most talented writers in blogtopia (tm. Skippy!)
His use of words bowls me over regularly, but then sometimes he adds video clips and his own photo-shopping in a collage format that touch the reader on multiple levels at once. It is quite powerful!
The commentary is on liberal politics, overlapping with popular culture, and the depth and breadth of his cultural knowledge is breathtaking.
This blog is performance art and beauty rolled into one with truth and insight.
Driftglass the blog is possibly one of the very best blogs out there in the general category as well as the political and writer categories. It definitely deserves to win this award!

Im not sure if I Put the url for Driftglass in my post:

I don't know if I even read blogs that are at this level!

I'd put Daily Kos up there. They're awesome.

Karie & Scott - Our European Adventure
This is the story of a husband and wife that have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. We sold (almost) everything we own and hopped on a plane to Barcelona with nowhere to live.

Nice joke nominating these other blogs people. But seriously, I think you meant to say: The ShadowLands:

I would like to nominate A Diva Would Never



A Variety of information for ALL ages of people all over the world. Gangs, sexual predators, runaways, missing children you name it this blog has it all. Teaches you how to keep your kids safe in this crazy world.

cool blog


Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Male Bitch

I would like to nominate Samantha Brett's blog "ASK SAM" for best blog and best Australian/NZ blog.
With thanks.

Organized Rage is my nomination for best blog. It is a blog which rages against injustice.

The Pundit Review is a great spot to get quality political news and commentary. I highly recommend it.

Pundit Review Radio

I nominate Street Anatomy

Street Anatomy obsessively covers the representation of human anatomy in medicine, art, and design.

Dan Leo

Dan Leo writes a fiction blog, featuring alternating novels that he writes as he goes. His writing is among the most original I've ever read. It's also hilarious and addictive.
But reading it for the first time, you may need more patience than the average blog demands.
He presents both novels as found work, written by characters he has created. Both stories involve a huge cast of characters. But stick with a few episodes and you'll be hooked.
One novel's plot is outrageous and plays with a gamut of genre styles. The other novel is set in Cape May, NJ. The narrator is modest to a fault and yet all manner of supernatural experiences seem to find him.
Dan Leo sets the novels during the 1960s and ends each episode with a rare period video.

Jon Swift

(Its content is beyond awesomeness. A blog you have to read for yourself (and possess at least some sense of high-brow humor) to believe it.)


Dan Leo

Dan Leo writes a fiction blog, featuring alternating novels that he writes as he goes. His writing is among the most original I've ever read. It's also hilarious and addictive.
But reading it for the first time, you may need more patience than the average blog demands.
He presents both novels as found work, written by characters he has created. Both stories involve a huge cast of characters. But stick with a few episodes and you'll be hooked.
One novel's plot is outrageous and plays with a gamut of genre styles. The other novel is set in Cape May, NJ. The narrator is modest to a fault and yet all manner of supernatural experiences seem to find him.
Dan Leo sets the novels during the 1960s and ends each episode with a rare period video.

A celebrity and entertainment blog which consolidates news from all over the web onto one single site.

Members have real-time interaction on posts as they are made. And they don't hold anything back.

OhNoTheyDidn't......Celebrity Gossip With Commentary.

Jon Swift is so funny that whenever he gets too busy to post, his readers complain.

Then when we returns, it's clear why: No one else writes with his wit, irony, and twisted absurdity. His take on politics is unique, spurring tirades from all quarters. And toward those quarters, he's especially generous, linking to other writers with crowd-drawing shout-outs.

I nominate All Men Are Liars: Except Sam DeBrito

I nominate for the relentless, untiring pursuit to give us the best information behind the subversive matriculation of forces trying to take over our country. I can not express enough gratitude for the work behind the post other than become involved and do my part to not let that happen. Even if not awarded, her work has educated and inspired me and many other readers. That is an award that goes beyond votes….

Freelance Writing Jobs

Best Blog...Ever!!

I nominate two LGBT blogs

The Rider Prophet

Id like to nominate All Men Are Liars;

-Sam De Brito.

I'd like to nominate all men are liars

I nominate Leaning Straight Up


Please consider for nomination for Best Blog Miss Cellania

This blog is extremly well written by a remarkable young man who was dying of leukaemia. No self pity, just telling it like it was. Utter genius!

I'd like to nominate pitlanefanatic - a fantastic new formula 1 forum and blog

Analyzing all aspects of life in a technical manner..


Ignite Your Thoughts!

Shawn Blanc

The Weekly Review

Atlas Shrugs


It's new, it's funny, it's cute, it's random, it's weird. Check it out!


Nominating Atlas Shrugs

Definitely Atlas Shrugs. Combination news, opinion, breaking information, and outstanding thought. One of best on modren threats against West, which many others shrug off...until the next big attack, and it's probably coming.

Atlas Shrugs



I have two sites for consideration:

Atlas Shrugs

Mountain Sage

Best Blogs

The Urban Grind

Jews Against Obama

are the Best Blogs around!

pamela geller atlas shrugs

nominated for:

best blog; best individual blogger, best conservative blog, best political blog.

ms. geller is consistently brilliant. she does amazingly in depth research and presents her material accurately, effectively and with an irresistible dry wit.

there is no other blogger who combines these qualities with the devoted passion for truth, justice and the american way.

in these very challenging times, what a balm and encouragement it is to turn to and be informed while chuckling yourself silly.

the woman is simply amazing. she is artist,pundit,scholar,and ranconteur all wrapped up in one.

there may be other categories i missed, but ms. geller is absolutely deserving of the highest honors any blog could earn.

most sincerely,
real deal
aka, kobi

Atlas Shrugs

I'll have to go ...

... no closet Leftist there. I'm really tired of Americans stabbing the Founders in the back. Even honest Lefties like B&B are easier to take than the squishy reds that suck Hollywood dicta.

Please consider the Field Negro:

This is one of the most addictive, entertaining blogs... and is quite active and current. It covers politics and culture....

I nominate Brilliant at Breakfast, written by Jill Hussein C.,

This is a liberal political/cultural blog that is concise, up to date well written and deliciously ironic.

I nominate Skippy the Bush Kangaroo... and of course, my own F.C.F.J.

First Church of the Fat Jesus

I nominate the following. This is one of the best blogs ever:


One of the most incisive and funniest writers anywhere. Add to that his outstanding photoshop skills and he is one of the best of the best.

I nominate The Field Negro:

The blog that I never fail to read is Driftglass.

Jack Bog's Blog

The best blog especially re Irael and the world!

I forgot the URL!!

driftglass is the one I read first every day. I'm never let down by his irreverent, articulate, darkly funny but brutally honest assessment of the state of the union.

Best Blog

I've been an avid reader since April after hearing you on POTUS.

Thanks for helping me work through my thoughts on this historic Election year.

Best Blog

The Field Negro

This man makes me laugh and cry, shudder and think. Graphics are brilliant as well.

I nominate Israel Matzav.

I'd vote for It's pure, unfiltered democracy.

When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof)

Please consider the nomination of

The best blog ever!!

How could you not nominate last years winner of the Best New Blog?

Please consider the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices blog from Harare, Zimbabwe for best blog.

This blog is a powerful example of how a blog can speak to you in a powerful voice, send a strong message and be so readable. The two bloggers responsible for this blog are Philip Barclay and Grace Mutandwa.

Actually, it's very filtered. You ever see an opposing view point on there?

Knowledge Is Power

Finally got it right! The best blog re Israel and all really important things.

The definitive Music blog in my opinion.
For top quality sounds, reviews, Indepth Interviews and cheery style blogging delivered on a daily basis. Raj's approach is creatively innovative, constantly changing the content of the blog to keep it on trend - although more often than not Electroqueer IS the Trendsetter. Raj just knows where it's at.

The New Progressive Voice
of the New Progressive World!!!

Great coverage of political talk! Humor and factual support...doesn't use mud-slinging or namecalling.

I nominate Anglophenia:

I nominate: Idle Wordship - The World We View

Simply because it's informative, funny and because my friends are too apathetic to do it for me.

I nominate small dead animals.

Anglachel's Journal

While it may be a new blog, RBO-The Real Barack Obama has exposed and educated people in an easy to understand and follow format with some of the best research you will ever find.

I like small dead animals for best blog.

Mark Ramshaw
Meadow Lake SK

Formerly known as Rezkowatch, B. Merry's move to RBO has shown again what is lacking in today's media.

I nominate small dead animals.

Electroqueer blog is really interesting, always updated, great interviews. Raj is so good at running the blog. love it, it is such a good blog to read.

I nominate Uppity Woman for Best Blog. She's incisive, witty, and a great beginning and end to each day.

Uppity Woman


Climate Audit-is like being in an 18th century coffee house where some big free thinkers congregate. I like to stand at the back listening to the masters.

I nominate Uppity Woman! Fierce, insightful, thoughtful and always a pleasure to visit.

great site. great info combined with good humor.

1. SOS Forests
3. I have no idea what an RSS/Atom feed is.

Best Forest Science blog out there. Also among the best for Anthropology, Paleoecology, Climatology, Wildlife Sciences, and Fire Ecology.

I nominate: Small Dead Animals

Delta Air Lines: Under the Wing
Go behind the scenes and under the wing as Delta shares stories on ideas, changes, people, and their working lives.

Blog for Beginners

Tammy Bruce

Michelle Malkin

Gates of Vienna

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group News

Jihad Watch

I would like to nominate . In eight short months, it has developed a devoted following that helps to expose the truth in local politics, more often than not reports news before the local paper, and aggressively works against bringing to Southbridge, Massachusetts the states largest Municipal Solid Waste Dump, which would allow 1 billion pounds of waste every five quarters. Dennis has a legion of people that help him to break stories that the local papers won't cover.

I would like to nominate three wonderful blogs:

Utah Savage, which includes Savage Stories, Savage Poetry, and Maggy - a novel.

The Vigil


I think the Best Blog of the year should be Cozy Beehive.

The site includes everything from bikes to engineering to politics and what not. Its really amazing how the blogger has brainstormed and put together all the amusing articles we get to read there.


I nominate Instapundit. Interesting fellow. Appears to have ADD. Law student in Kentucky or something. Able to comment on the legal ramifications of nanotechnology on Amazon kitchen appliance sales. You know, practical stuff. Heh.

Bob Cesca's Goddamn Awesome Blog

The title says it all.

I choose Lilo's blog because I have learned so much and appreciate real honest news, especailly about Israel. Knowing media is no fair and balance by any means of the imagination. I also learn about the Jews, things I did not know before, and find it very interesting. the History and the scriptures and I am grateful. They heart..forever
so I choose:

Small Dead Animals

Katie runs the best blog in Canada, concise, topical and entertaining. She is always my first read.

Foreign Policy Watch

Best blog -

Exposing the myth of Global Warming lies @

I would like to nominate:


NoQuarter---controversial, unapologetic, best contibuting diarists, best around blog.

I nominate No Quarter USA.

Best well researched and articulated BLOG 2008 and Ever ! Join Kevin in making an intelligent difference!

Arm yourself with knowledge and TRUTHS !

Best Blog Nominee!


Same as I said on the nomination for best political blog:

Larry Johnson created probably the most open site found on the Internet during this election. People were never blocked for thier opinions and some of the guest writers were internationally known. Even the writers that were known only to the blog provided a wealth of thought-provoking material.

Absolutely the bet on the the Net in 2008!

best blog is

best blog is

I also nominate No Quarter USA.
Great writing ... no censorship ... many links to important stories! Cheers to Larry Johnson and SusanUnPC and the wonderful writers!

The best blog out there, hands down, is NoQuarter.

No Quarter without a doubt. Great writers, always seem to be first with new news.

I love NQ the best blog by far, if its happening its on NQ!!!


I nominate Larry Johnson and fellow writers at NoQuarter. They always had the news first. Great assortment of writers and views. I never knew I could enjoy discussing politics!

Defintely nominate No Quarter

Information on Intelligence, Politics, and fast breaking news seems to appear here first.

No Quarter has it all

Information on Intelligence, Politics, and fast breaking news seems to appear here first.

wattsupwiththat we need more like Anthony Watts

I nominate the following two blogs for their love for their country, the United States of America, and their respect for the US Constitution:


A realistic diary of a midwestern troop supporter written in an interesting right-at-you style.

(The Confluence)

wonderful blog. my daily fix.

A variety of great issues. Informative articles!!

Logistics Monster

I nominate Stephen Taylor @


I nominate td blog texasdarlin

A gutsy, gutsy investigative journalist.

Photography Is Not Crime

Photography Is Not a Crime was launched about six months ago as a reaction to the unlawful arrest and incerceration of Carlos Miller, after he did nothing but take pictures of police officers.

Miller, a 10-year veteran reporter who has worked for papers as large as the Arizona Republic and as small as the Deming Headlight, used the Website to chronicle the injustice and publicize the violation of his First Amendment rights.

What happened next opened Miller's eye. He found hundreds of people being arrested for photographing police officers, security guards, public officials, private citizens and buildings. Through the power of the Internet, many of these unlawful arrests have been documented - clearly showing the only crime was photographing someone of authority. Often the subject of the photo was doing nothing wrong, but still objected to having their image captured in a public forum. When a policeman is involved, they often object so much they abuse their authority and arrest the photographer. Sometimes no charges would be filed, just a night in jail. Other times, it would be the word of the officers against the word of a civilian and the charge of resisting arrest.

Today there's a little bit more justice.

Thanks to the publicity caused in part by Photography Is Not a Crime, a few of these cases have been resolved in favor of the Constitution, not to mention the photographer/videographer.

Over a year's time, PINAC has become a trusted destination for First Amendment news as it relates to photography and videography - plus there are great photos, political commentary and insight into seeing Miami like a native. The site has been mentioned in The New York Times, Fox News and BoingBoing. Now bloggers call Miller when they need to get the word out about someone getting arrested for taking a photograph.

Miller's own brush with the law is far from over. In Miller's case, the jury sided with the photographer on most counts. The jury exonerated Miller on the most serious counts of disobeying a police officer and disorderly conduct. They found Miller guilty of resisting arrest without violence and the judgel found Miller guilty of obstructing traffic. The case has arleady cost Miller thousands of dollars. Still, on principle, Miller is planning to appeal these minor charges, charges that are often used in these illegal arrests.

the best blog of this year:

My Mood Is Music

My Mood is Music

I nominate uppitywoman. Fearless for sure. Honest and incisive. Stop there in the morning and at night. All the guts, all the glory.

The best!

I nominate JTwoO. It combines sports savvy with cool media coverage. Great sense of humor too.

Best Blog is


this is the best blog of all

I vote Gizmodo!


I want to nominate


Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog

Absolutely and without a doubt, Knowledge is Power is the bomb!

Gizmodo! Best blog in the world!

Daily Kos. Like getting the newspaper a week to 6 months early.

..and sometimes even earlier - Kos predicted the Presidential win for Obama back in 2006!!

I nominate Gizmodo!

I nominate gizmodo because the always have the newest tech news before anyone else

OHLATART is a beautiful, simple, and pleasant place to visit on a daily basis.

I nominate Knowledge is Power:




Do you have to ask?
If you do, you now know where to click.!


Other than my coffee every day, I need to read gizmodo.

hi5 for them

Gizmodo: Intelligent commentary and good sense of humor.

Daily Intel

The anchoress is my daily escape from the world to a quiet moment of sanity. I love the music and the chant, but most of all I feel like I need my daily visit with a friend.

The anchoress is my daily escape from the world to a quiet moment of sanity. I love the music and the chant, but most of all I feel like I need my daily visit with a friend.

Gizmodo FTW!


HTTP:// too! too!


I nominate Shtuey over at Oh My Valve for being a cutting edge writer and making me laugh every single time I stop by.

This site is great for tech people in a world awash in BS advertisment.

They cut to the chase, prop up those doing a good job and make note of what needs improvement or makes the product a waste of the consumer guys buck.



I bow to you gizmodo.

It's all about the Giz!


go gizmodo!!!

Gizmodo is a great site. Good people, good articles, good humor. Gizmodo FTW!

Liver Transplant In India Information Guide.

Patients Guide to Transplant Surgery, provides information on Liver Transplant, Kindeny Transplant, Liver Surgery, Common Liver Diseases, Cirrhosis, Jaundice, Hepatitis, liver cancer or acute liver failure. I wish to provide hope to those with terminal liver disease by informing them that at a fraction of the cost abroad, liver transplants are being done routinely by the expert liver transplant surgeons Dr Subash Gupta & Dr A.S Soin, at Hospitals in India, with results that match the best in the world.

Liver Help Online - free helpline for expert advice from our Liver Specialists

Kidney Help Online - free helpline for expert advice from our Kidney Specialists

New Section for Cancer Patients
Cancer Info Centre: A future in which cancer patients and their families have all the information and support they need to help them face cancer without fear.

My Mission: To give cancer patients and their families the up-to-date information, practical advice and support they need to reduce the fear and uncertainty of cancer.

Kidney Transplant
This is new section "Kidney Transplant" for the patients, who are suffering from Kidney Disorders. I hope patients will get relevant information from this section about Kidney Diseases, Treatment & Transplant.

Welcome to Liver Transplant in India Information Guide
This Blog is created by Miss Anshu Gupta (Ulcerative Colitis Patient, Operated for J Pouch Surgery) by the team of expert Liver Transplant & Gastrointestinal Surgeons, Dr Subash Gupta, Dr Samiran Nundy, Dr A.S Soin of SGRH New Delhi, India, in Dec. 2005. This Blog is dedicated to bringing expert advice and the latest in medical advances to the doorstep of those who wish to protect their liver, those suffering from liver disease (hepatitis or liver cancer), unfortunate few who are dying from liver cirrhosis or acute liver failure and those who have been given a fresh lease of life by a transplant.

Complete Medical Guide to Organ donation, Organ Transplant, Multi-Organ Transplant, Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Kidney Diseases, Dialysis, Kidney surgery, Kidney Stone, Liver Diseases, Cirrhosis, Liver Transplantation, Jaundice, Liver Surgery in India, Liver transplant in India, Liver Operation in India, Liver Transplantation in India, Kidney Transplant in India.




No Quarter


Best thing since Nintendo's NES

Gizmodo for blogging above and beyond the edge of technology to lif ein general and doing it while having fun.

Best Blog, Best New Blog, Best Conservative Blog: Random Thoughts


Gizmodo, baby!!!


Best site period!




Witty, wise and has a great community of commentators.


538 blog. Kept me sane through the election.

Gizmodo FTW! the best on the internet is there

Climate Progress is an absolutely indispensable source of new research and policy information.

Is The 99 Cent Chef "Best Blog" material in his first year of blogging? Check out his NBC Nightly News profiled food blog and decide for yourself. With the economy in the garbage disposal this blog features great budget cooking tips featuring recipes, photos and clever videos.


Started a year ago, The 99 Cent Chef's blog features budget recipes, informative photos and clever videos. With the economy in the dumpster, now is the time to nominate for Best Blog:

I'd like to nominate WEWWL


Love this blog!

We've got enough nominations for Engadget, Gizmodo, and NoQuarter. We'll be deleting any new comments nominating them. Use the "+" icon next to an existing nomination to indicate your support for them.


It's like a falafel cart of insight, goodness, and truth..

Community blogging at its best, covering the Soul of Los Angeles.

The best Blog on the net!

Ace of Spades HQ

This blog is awesome!

Go Fug Yourself is my all time favourite blog, I visit it every day.

Defamer Australia is my favourite Australian blog

Thanks and good luck to all nominees!

ePlurbus Media!!!!

ePluribus Media promotes community, collaborative journalism and accuracy. Members volunteer as fact-checkers and editors, site administrators, etc. Their collaborative tools such as investigation pages and timelines are invaluable. Check out this spectacular site.

I check this one every day. Great information, well written.

Chlorinated Liberty was created as a place for the next generation of political minds to gather, chatter, share and discuss the issues of the day. We're policy wonks and political insiders trying to share the goodness with political outsiders. Respectful and intellectually responsible!

Try Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures' blog at

Not only is it informative and well written, but there are some great stories such as the one on "My Meeting with Henri" or the series on The Barefoot Contessa's trip across Australia, all with photos, of course!

Instruction and commentary in photographic lighting techniques. It sounds dry until you see the pictures... :-)

Great site for indepth GPS buyers and users.

The gp to site of the 2008 election season

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

great reviews

Most thorough, up-to-date GPS reviews are definitely here.

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