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Moms In The Right

Copious Dissent - Your Daily Dose of Liberty

The Tennessee ConserVOLiance

Ok, I cannot nominate just one...there's so many great ones...


The Urban Grind
Excellent blog from the point of view of a conservative female.

Excellent blog on the major political event of 2008, from a conservative point of view.

These are my favs, along with Atlas and Michelle, which have already been mentioned a few times :)

... is by far the best ever!

John Cole, Tim F and Michal D, Balloon Juice.

The BEST Conservative Blog:

their forums rock to

Knowledge Is Power

I'd like to nominate my blog:

One Bob's Opinion

This guy deserves more love and recognition

I would like to nominate Americas Right

America's Right. Jeff Schrieber has done an incredible job and I think he will soon be a much-needed and well-respected voice in the conservative movement ... if we can draft him into running for office.


My nomination: America's Right. This is a really fine conservative blog. I'm a liberal and I check this one out at least once a day because of the excellent writing and fair treatment. Really impressive.

always timely and accurate info from:

and always there for our troops!

I nominate Knowledge is Power:

Most of the conservative blogs listed above are oriented on politics. KisP is conservative (i.e, leans right) by the nature of its content, but it's a *lot* more fun than the pure political blogs.

For excellence in writing, dedication to site-keeping and the ability and willingness to write with fairness, I nominate America's Right.

Jeff is awesome. Americasright for blog winner!

Simply the best.

I nominate


I nominate:

Jeff Schreiber at America's Right. Visit the site numerous times during the day to get updates on news and views. Jeff is an outstanding writer and very 'fair and balanced.'

I would like to nominate the Versailles Beat. this blog was featured several times in Major publications for its great writing and insider info.

Ace of Spades HQ

Also, for sheer literary merit, I would like to nominate the blog of Bill Whittle

despite the fact that, unlike Jeff's America's Right, it is not a frequently updated blog with up-to-date comments on the current events.

Michelle Malkin

More real investigative reporting here than the major news outlets have done in a decade.

Next Gen GOP - The Future of the American Right Online!

Vote for the Next Gen GOP - The Future of the American Right Online!

I nominate Kathy Shaidle:

and Ezra Levant:

I nominate I Call BS!

Infidels Are Cool
American Politics | World News | Anti-Jihad

I nominate The Contemporary Conservative as the best conservative blog

In my honest opinion, the-thinking-man dot com is without comparison the most intellectual and the most closely reasoned of them all.

oops. I goofed.

Political goodness for the wonky insiders and outsiders alike!

How about--

America Needs Sarah Palin

Best conservative blog without question:

Chlorinated Liberty

The best site & community for patriotic conservative Americans!

The best site for 'Limpians

Plumb Bob Blog

Very well thought out, serious commentary with some crazy humor from time to time. The columnist will respond in depth to your comments if you raise an issue of interest.

Reasoned Audacity

for Best Comservative Blog


For Best Conservative Blog, I nominate
Obi's Sister

Roses are red
Violets are blue
For Best Conservative Blog
I nominate:
Knowledge is Power!
Tahell with rhyme
I`m talkin Love!

The best blog ever!

The best conservative blogs

Boston Maggie. I'm a liberal, she's not. This is a great blog: smart, insightful, witty and intelligent.

Shoo, one of the smartest conservatives in the blogsphere. Simply a great site.

The thoughtful, open-minded, and always gracious Wizard FKAP


Great writing, and keeps a clear perspective.

Zoe Stagg's conservative (female!) video blog.

Smart and not too dogmatic.

I nominate Black N Right as the best conservative blog. After all you don't go from 11 hits for entire month to almost 1200 (and the month is not over yet) unless you are doing something Right! LOL

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