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I would like to nominate:


Erik is a writer who comments on a number of different aspects of culture, ones that you don't see anywhere else.

I would like to nominate 'All Men Are Liars' - it really does a good job of capturing my culture.

Jack Bunny is a playwright who comments on Arts and life in general.

I'd like to nominate TiFaux -- a television blog.

I nominate

This nominee captures a wide variety of humorous and serious topics aimed straight at the heart of conservative culture across America and around the world. The regular contributors are top notch, the posts timely, fresh, and creative, and the comments both personal and informative. There are nuggets of information and humor found nowhere else, reflecting the personal angst, joy, and experience of modern conservatism in an often hostile environment. is like finding a gem tucked away in the tide pools and eddies of the broad cultural shoreline of internet America.

Best blog on the net. If there were only one place I could visit on the net, this would be it.

i nominate Knowledge is Power over at

there's more good beneficial culture over there than in a carton case of Abkhazian yogurt...


Best group of people I know. It's my "home".


I'd like to nominate DIRTY HARRY:

Keep up the great work Dirty Harry. Your blog is the best place on the internet for independent filmmakers like myself to promote and market a pro-American Veteran film or any film with conservative values. There is no other blog out there that will help filmmakers. Thanks for doing this and I hope Dirty Harry's Place becomes a gathering place for artist, filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, producers that are shut out by those wonderful tolerant fellow Americans on the left.

Thanks for promoting FORGOTTEN HEROES the only Vietnam film that honors all of our Vietnam vets and Hollywood made sure it didn't see the light of day.

Go to my site and read about it and buy your own DVD copy.

Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated

Dirty Harry's Place

I nominate the awesome

Jazz, film, an improvised culture, from unique perspective at:

Covers jazz of nearly all varieties, a smattering of blues, international cinema (particularly Eastern Europe and Asia), documentaries, and the NY film festival circuit. Frequently reviews books and docs about the music. Occasionally reviews Broadway and Off-Broadway.

The KisP Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies is easily the best place to rest one's weary bones.

Pull up a chair on the front porch. Pour/mix/pop open your favorite adult beverage, grab a bowl of popcorn and discuss geo-political, cultural, culinary and chordite related issues. It matters not if you are from the boondocks,the upper east side of Manhattan, Wrigleyville or Ventura County,SondraK has created a grand cyber-home.

The Headmistress is a tough and tender taskmaster who loves handing out birthday spankings. And don't believe that she is all cold steel and hard nosed. She has the heart of a young boy, which she keeps in a jar of formaldahyde on her desk.

Knowledge is Power

Yay DH. Dirty Harry's place rocks!

Knowledge is Power withouta doubt!

Dirty Harry's Place

A celebrity and entertainment blog which consolidates news from all over the web onto one single site.

Members have real-time interaction on posts as they are made. And they don't hold anything back.

OhNoTheyDidn't......Celebrity Gossip With Commentary.

Blue Girl in a Red State, who changed her banner late last night to Blue Girl in a Blue State.

She writes about politics in cultural terms and writes equally much--and well--about cultural life in the US.

Saying...yes is a beautifully written blog by an artist, mother, and dreamer.

If you live in NYC and need to chat up one of the brainy types...this thing is the Cliffs Notes you need.

Actually, it's really good dope and reviews on jazz and indie and foreign films.

This is a phenomenal website. It covers music, films, plays and the arts with superb writing.

Nominating for thoughtful, well-written commentary on conservative politics, theatre, films and jazz-- what a combo. The blog also has a eastern european bent focusing on reviews of (i.e. Czech films and CDs).

I would like to nominate

I nominate, which is a Stephen Colbert-centric news blog and fan site.'

I would like to nominate

A great motorsport culture blog with lots a cool video, photo and editorial content

Definitely JBSpins, for the latest and greatest on that most American of art forms, Jazz, along with film reviews from many different cultures. Great stuff.

Wielding insight, wicked humor and melancholy, George Snyder shows how everything that matters today can be traced back to 1904.

Great Blog--I nominate the Blog at 16th and Q:

When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof)

the best blogger ever!

check out:

I nominate Anglophenia:

Knowledge Is Power

A first check/must check on my favorites. Check it out. . . and bring your best game to the comments!

I'd like to nominate Dirty Harry's Place:

Here John Nolte offers up a conservative view film and culture.

I nominate Keep It Trill over at:

Kit comments on current events, relationships (male vs. females/parents vs. children, etc.). But she's at her best in connecting current events to history, including and especially African American history. For example, she talked about the current U.S. financial crisis; and she not only spoke of it in terms of its affects on the average American, but African Americans in particular.

I nominate Keep It Trill over at:

Kit comments on current events, relationships (male vs. females/parents vs. children, etc.). But she's at her best in connecting current events to history, including and especially African American history. For example, she talked about the current U.S. financial crisis; and she not only spoke of it in terms of its affects on the average American, but African Americans in particular.

I nominate Knowledge is Power:

If culture includes fun, she's the one!


The best 24 site anywhere...Jack says so!


I don't want to come across as narcissistic, but I'll nominate myself for "Best Culture Blog". I try to put honest effort into it, and it'll do wonders for my self-esteem.


I would like to nominate Mac Daddy over at He writes about current events, politics and culture, with strong dose of music and literature. He current events, often using poetry and music, around American history, especially the seminal history of African Americans.

I'd like to recommend The Outland Institute:

The Outland Institute believes that culture - like death - is all around us.

The Institute looks at culture in its many and varied forms. From film to radio, the visual arts to public trends, you'll find it mouldering away in a glass box somewhere.

The Institute is located in Melbourne, Australia, formerly the most livable city in the world.

The Third Estate Sunday Review which covers a wide variety of politics and culture including Ava and C.I.'s must read TV commentaries each week.

I'd like to nominate Tariq Nelson

I nominate, it's an awesome pop culture website, niche, but very good at what it does ;-)

Knowledge is Power

Kulchah and so much more!

One of the best and daily THE BEST!!

The woman the myth the legend:

Never a dull moment ;)

A day without Sondrak is like
a movie with no picture
a rose without petals
a song without sound
a fire with no warmth
a glacier without ice
sex without pleasure
a play with no lines
a blog without posts
or a mind without thoughts

Start with an 'S' for the cultural Spirit
That holds us together in difficult times
Add in an 'O' for Odious measures
Opprobrium dished out for cultural crimes
'N' for the Nonsense that lefties call logic
Hilarity aimed at the liberal views
'D' for the Dummies who seek their salvation
In Hollywood values and media "news"
'R' for Redemption with spirit and force
Served up by the reading of KISPers' discourse
'A' is for Action, plug in at the site
Conservative culture, perspective that's Right
'K' is the Knowledge that really is Power
Spilling from Sondrak's conservative flower :-)
Sounds like a cheer? That's just to amuse
It's a Cultural blog with conservative views

For best (Catholic) culture blog,
Mr. Thomas Peters @ American Papist :

Another nomination for Knowledge Is Power aka SondraK

Deathpower is a PhD student blog that has evolved from research musings into an activisty anarchist exploration of politics and culture as Erik delves into the social construction of 'death' in society. Always thought-provoking, don't let the title fool you into thinking it's a heavy-metal rock band!

I nominate Nat Turner's Revenge

Culture, politics--this guy is the new H L Mencken

Ooh, can I nominate myself for this?

Madam Miaow says ...

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