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Jon Swift

(I *think* it's supposed to be humor .. :-)


Best pop culture, humor site out there. Very up to date with many different contributors who each have unique perspectives.

Tales of HMS PieRat


Actually, he should receive some sort of lifetime achievement award and be retired from competition, he is so great...

DUmmie FUnnies

To create the amusingly high levels of angsnt among the left that we did last year. Let the FUn begin!!!

DUmmie FUnnies

To create the amusingly high levels of angsnt among the left that we did last year. Let the FUn begin!!!

Jack Bunny chronicles the adventures of his world famous uncle during the 1030's and 40's.

Oops! Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.

Seriously, the funniest blog out there is The Comics Curmudgeon. I've been laughing to Josh for years now.

Nice try, folks, but all pale by comparison to the ShadowLands

The wonderful wacky World O'Crap.
World O'Crap

The Rider Prophet

Meeshbeer's right; for racing humor and satire, there's no place better than the Pressdog.

I appreciate the kind words, but please remove my blog from the list of nominees.

I love the The India Uncut Blog, it's consistently witty even when dealing with serious subjects.

Especially check out his WTF section:

I nominate J-TWO-O too!

Criggo: Newspapers are going away. That's too bad.
For Best Humor Blog. Thanks!
KJ (aka KerrieJean) has been propping up Australia's Radio National for yonks, while she moonlights.. or spotlights, looking for a root in her holden ute, with Big Swifty.

Laconic Australian humor.

Read her blog most days.
Always find something to make me smile.

always full of interesting things

I nominate the hilarious Scaryduck!

I like the woman I am about to nominate for Funniest Blog. She was nominated last year but didn't campaign for the title and came in dead last. But her blog is very, very funny. I'd even go so far as to call hers a thinking man (or thinking woman's) blog. She's very smart and incredibly funny, probably above most peoples' heads. But I love her. Her's is definitely a humor blog, but there's so much more to it than that. The attributes go beyond it being just a funny blog. It's worthy of a nomination and more.

Go git 'em kid!!

The Junk Drawer | Humor for the Masses

So original and so funny. Fun for everyone.

You'll never the same again !

I nominate, which is a Stephen Colbert-centric news blog and fan site.'

I nominate The Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel, which is primarily, political satire

luvin it

America is an Obamanation

V the K Caption This!


Sometimes strange, sometimes insightful, sometimes moving, always evil sense of art humor..

The Superficial


I would like to nominate Uppity Woman

Knowledge is Power:

Buffoonery galore !!!


Uppity Woman does for Barack Obama, The Media, and all the minions and tingly-legged folks out there what Molly Ivans did for George Bush.

Uppity Woman takes the absurdities of this election and calls them like she sees them.

You will spew your coffee while reading this stuff.

Vote Uppity Woman - and then clean off that monitor!

Deconstructing Mallard

A mock psychological examination of Mallard Fillmore, the world's most anti-social cartoon duck.

Life on the Reflux Rollercoaster

Sophie provides the material and Kristy makes it hilarious!

The Comics Curmudgeon

Fun running commentary on the squarest comic strips of all time.

I nominate Grant Miller Media for best humor blog.

I nominateThe Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel. It never fails to make me laugh (often times out loud) and to think as well.

I must nominate Kerrie Jean Ross of the ABC Radio National because her blogsite
is so delightful that I have been able to join AA (Absinthe Anonymous) with a smile on my lips, and also to become a pioneer member of the No We Can't, No we Can't, No We Can't political movement as well as planning the Sarah Palin Fashion Show for Young Political Aspirants.

"Jocelyn's Corner"
by Jocelyn Testes-Harder

A parody blog written from the perspective of a single mother, who seems to represent everything that one would associate with the very worst members of modern society. Each entry is packed with cringe worthy stories, hilariously twisted concepts, and disturbing mental images. Incidently, hundreds of first time readers, believing the character to be a real person, have reacted by leaving the angriest, nastiest comments you'll find anywhere on the web.


for best commentary, and the most hair!

bait and switch funny....


Laugh until you cry!

Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog

Sadly No, kicking @$$.

I nominate Shtuey over at Oh My Valve for being a cutting edge writer and making me laugh every single time I stop by.

The 99 Cent Chef's food blog features recipes and 99 cent meal deals presented with tongue firmly in cheek. Some funny videos and clever recipes include: Russ Meyer Lemon Chicken, Cesar Chavez Salad, a 99 Cent White Wine Tasting Video and The 99 Cent Lover photo story.

Featuring wacky recipes such as: Russ Meyer Lemon Chicken, Cesar Chavez Salad, Gay Wedding Cupcakes and a 99 Cent White Wine Tasting Video, The 99 Cent Chef's blog is presented with tongue firmly in cheek. I nominate for Best Humor Blog:

J-TWO-O is nominated again by me!

J-TWO-O is nominated again by me!

I come in peace from Planet Moron.
Or was that Planet B from outer space? I'm confused.

The Clothes That Got Me Laid: It's the world's only website featuring stories from real people about the clothes that got them laid.


I would like to nominate Daniellaland -- witty, opinionated, quirky, and may leave you craving a funhouse mirror...

Tanis from Attack of the Redneck Mommy

She's hysterical.

Stuff White People Like:

I nominate the the puregarlic for best humor blog, read it, it's pungent, tasty, a place where Bush will be missed.

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