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gluten-free girl

Shauna has the most captivating writing style I've come across. Each entry is a delight and begs to be gobbled up, like one of her delicious recipes.

Christopher Estrada who covers the IndyCar series with his blog "Indy Racing Revolution" as a contributor on MVN: Most Valuable Network

Jack Bunny is a playwright who comments on arts, literature, and life in general

I nominate Amit Varma of The India Uncut Blog.

Varma is an award-winning journalist -- he won the 2007 Bastiat Prize for Journalism. He is known for speaking up for free speech in India, and defending civil liberties. He is also a novelist -- his first novel was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize recently.

But he is best known for his blogging -- read through India Uncut and you'll see why!

Nominate for Best Individual Blogger

Village Scribe Online

Jill Hussein C.

Jill's Brilliant at Breakfast has been a, well, brilliant liberal voice which has remained consistent, clever, funny, truthful, painful, topical, and hopeful, during the unreal past 8 years.
She is an excellent writer who expresses the outrage that many of us struggle with, but she also touches on day to day life and popular culture, which reminds us of what we share and what we are in this for.
I am happy to nominate Jill for this award...heaven knows, she has worked long and hard at the expense of sleep and time for herself to keep us informed and to move the agenda in this country forward in what seems to be turning out to be a much bigger step than we could have hoped for! If bloggers are recognized for their skill and dedication, and if bloggers are recognized for being influential in their category or overall, then Jill deserves a place there with honor!


Just hands down the best writer out there, commenting on liberal politics, life, and popular culture. Don't even think about it, just go and check him out...
This guy should be a sucessful novelist along the lines of Wallace, Eggers...ohh you know...he leaves them in the dust, and often with only a few words and many less footnotes...
He is a blog artist who not only is a master of words but who creates a collage of input with video and photoshop, hitting the reader on multiple levels at once.

check this here for one of my personal favorites:

Warren Throckmorton - A College Psychology Professor’s Observations About Culture, Mental Health, Sexual Identity, and Religious Issues

Suitably Flip

(2007 Weblog Awards finalist)

Dutch Blitz

Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Male Bitch - Making Travel With Kids Fun

One mom's personal travel stories, best travel tips & recommendations for kid-friendly activities, restaurants and hotels around the world.

Scheiss Weekly - Just As It Says...

John Hawkins
Right Wing News/Conservative Grapevine

http://[email protected]

Maybe it's just me...

Marathi Kavitaa ( मराठी कविता )

I nominate:

for the following reason:

I am not normally attracted to the chatty, forced intimacy of the " blog" world where much focus seems to be on " shared pain".
This blog that educates, informs, and challenges feedback is edited by Sam Solomon with a keen self-directed research eye for integration of timely topic and source integrity... a rare "mix".

The Googlebot should hover over Sam :)

I nominate:

for the following reason:

I am not normally attracted to the chatty, forced intimacy of the " blog" world where much focus seems to be on " shared pain".
This blog that educates, informs, and challenges feedback is edited by Sam Solomon with a keen self-directed research eye for integration of timely topic and source integrity... a rare "mix".

The Googlebot should hover over Sam :)

Mykiru for Mykiru Isyusero

I nominate from Canada ... the blogger:

Who blogs at his site:


During the recent Canadian Federal Election, the Green Party of Canada threatened to sue Leftdog in order to suppress his blog (and his free speech). He went public with their threats and it became a major news story in the Canadian campaign. Here are two posts concerning this blogger:

Another blog about stuff...but good stuff...really, really good stuff.

One Canadian transguy's adventures through the US and through the twists and turns of becoming the Pending Guy that he is meant to be.

I'd like to nominate Diary of a Heretic by Kathleen Maher:

I nominate for the relentless, untiring pursuit to give us the best information behind the subversive matriculation of forces trying to take over our country. I can not express enough gratitude for the work behind the post other than become involved and do my part to not let that happen. Even if not awarded, her work has educated and inspired me and many other readers. That is an award that goes beyond votes….

I'd like to nominate Deb Ng who helps me every day at

Freelance Writing Jobs

Logistics Monster

I nominate: Stillettos and Sneakers
(The True Confessions of Alexandra Billings

I nominate Leaning Straight Up


I'd like to nominate the following blog.

Felonious Ramblings

Guy did stupid stuff, got locked up for a few years and talks about it.

I would like to nominate Rikyrah, who blogs at Jack and Jill Politics.

This blog has consistently published the most in-depth analysis of what's really behind what's going on politically!

Logistics Monster

Shaun Mullen at Kiko's House

I'd like to nominate "the screaming pages" It's a military wife's blog that floats through a number of topics - work, daily life, education, random fandom babbling.

TITLE: the screaming pages


Best New Blog of 2007, now better than ever.

The Urban Grind

Great individual blog!

I'd like to nominate the urban Grind

I nominate Atlas Shrugs. She broke all the top stories on Obama


Give it up for the Field.

The Field Negro

I nominate LLWorldTour

Follow this sassy Chicago gal as she vagabonds around Earth...dodging bullets, meeting diplomats, and leaving a trail of lovers in her wake. Er, well, cool stuff happens.

This Emmy-award winning TV Producer chucked it all to schlep around the world - seeing amazing things and meeting some mighty fine people.

Self-nom, just for the hell of it:

Blue Truck, Red State

A gay man's view of the world from small-town Texas.

Blog Name: AverageBro
Blog URL:

I think DRIFTGLASS goes in
this category perfectly.

I second the nomination of Driftglass.
He has no peer!

I nominate Zip from Weasel Zippers. Guy rules!!

I have been reading Flip Pidot's blog for two years now, and wouldn't miss it. He combines intellectual toughness with an impeccible academic background, painstaking research, and nuanced language to write probing blogs about the most compelling issues of the day. It was Flip Pidot, after all, who broke the national story on Norman Hsu, the crooked Clinton fund raiser and escaped felon. You may recall that the Wall Street Journal followed him--it did not lead.
As an old reporter, I respect Flip enormously and it gives me pleasure to second his nomination.

Jamie Atlas Fitness Insights

A blog that tells the truth about fitness and the lies the industry tells us.

I nominate Israel Matzav, as Carl in Jerusalem writes thoughtful, educational, and very informative posts, and it is the first blog I read when I am online, and I also read it a few times a day, when a new post is up.

His writing is superb, and I often forward it to family and friends.

I shouldn't really have to say much more.
So I won't. Solo blog? No competition.

Best Individual Blogger
The Field Negro--)

The E-News Journal

A small liberal news blog of politics and commentary.

Pigeons and Planes.

I update at least 5 times every day. Sometimes over a dozen. I get new stuff as soon as it comes out and post it as soon as I get it. I write everything myself, find everything myself, and nobody helps with any part of my blog. Pigeons and Planes check it out for new music ranging from indie rock to hip hop.

My blog is Tangled Up in Blue Guy. I write about science, liberal politics (won't hurt my feelings if you call me a "moonbat," stories about growing up in a small town in Minnesota, atheism, music, more science. I make fun of creationists and wingnuts. Hey, it's important to start with facts. Things get weird from there.

I want to nominate TexasDarlin for best individual blogger.

She owns and runs

She nearly single-handidly raised and pressed questions about Barack Obama's dual citizenship, before it was a vogue topic. As a truly patriotic "Citizen Journalist," TD led the way investigating many of the questions about Barack Obama that the mainstream media was unwilling to explore.

Many of us think she's a hero of the election year.

I nominate Anglophenia:

From The Left

I honestly don't know how Christopher does it. He's a one-man army and updates throughout the day.

Uppity Woman

Uppity is Wit plus Wisdom writ large!


An American Hero. If not for TD, the truth about Obama would have remined under his rock.

I nominate Knowledge is Power:

Uppity Woman

Uppity has written mny fine pieces. None is more outstanding than:

"Which Woman Shall We Blame Today??"
Posted on November 7, 2008 by Uppity Woman
Copyright © 2008 Uppity Woman. All Rights Reserved.

For this insigtful and moving Pulitzer-caliber essay alone, Uppity Woman merits the Individual Blogger award.

I would like to nominate Shtuey of Oh...My Valve!!! for this award this year.

Without Shtuey's invaluable sense of humor and incredible intelligence, I would not have been able to make it through this election cycle.


He is the original insight blog unlike any I've seen on the web with a unique perspective and manner of writing that is not contained by precedence. Shows me the ways I delude myself politically. I've yet to find anything he's written that didn't exceed any other perspective on the same subject. One look at his archives and all the accurately bizarre photo works and you're hooked on driftglass. I especially loved his August '08 Rove McCain dialogue and sexy Lieberman/Palin collage. A definite head above the rest on the net.

I nominate Uppity Woman. She's topical, incisive, prolific and courageous.

Uppity Woman

By FAR the best blog this year has been The Real Barack Obama (formerly Rezkowatch)

This blog has covered the election and the history of President-Elect Obama and given readers the real information on his past and his rise to power that NO OTHER blog - and certainly no "News" Organization - had the research or fortitude to do.

Hats are of to this one-of-a-kind information resource. The work has been deep, detailed and daring.

Visit here and see what the internet (and a few people who are nervous) are talking about:

The OTHER BEST BLOG is a no-brainer!

Uppity Woman is insightful, funny as heck and right on target!

She expresses the ideas that 57 Million are thinking and feeling and takes the Press to task regarding their Faux News and woman bashing in this election.

If I had to get stuck on a desert island (or, in a re-education camp) with anyone on the Planet, it would be Uppity Woman!

I nominate Uppity Woman! Always fresh and always a leader in satirizing the political news!

This woman is a scream. Hilarious, insightful, and does not suffrer fools lightly or in any other fashion.

Demure Thoughts

I would like to nominate Rabble Rouse Reverend Amy.

Mike Dubrasich
SOS Forests
I have no idea what an RSS/Atom feed is.

Passionate, opinionated, humorous, intelligent, insightful, outraged, and a little whacked-out at times. Among the first to charge Algore with hucksterism and present the science to reveal the hoax. Unnecessary wildfire is the enemy, and our nation's forests are at risk. Sleazy politics and agenda-science are the cause.

I think that from an international perspective the best blogger is, by far, Mr. Lubos Motl,

I would like to nominate . In eight short months, it has developed a devoted following that helps to expose the truth in local politics, more often than not reports news before the local paper, and aggressively works against bringing to Southbridge, Massachusetts the states largest Municipal Solid Waste Dump, which would allow 1 billion pounds of waste every five quarters. Dennis has a legion of people that help him to break stories that the local papers won't cover.

I would like to vote for

Uppity Woman

Uppity is a tireless crusader against the misogyny currently poisoning America. For her Pulitzer-caliber Nov 7 article alone, "Which Woman Shall We Blame Today," she deserves the Individual Blogge award.

Both crazy and very, very sane, Christopher DiSpirito's style is engaging, well-informed and fun to read. I try never to miss a day.

I love this blog. Very personal, uplifting, and candid about a myriad of topics.

I nominate Toddy English. New Blogger. He's a delight!

Ron George for Cozy beehive.

The Swear Jar

I am voting for, he is an outstanding blogger, totally unique and individual.

Simply, a great site of outstanding posts one right after the other. It repeatedly gives the insight and details of politics, that many others fail to reveal in the interest of covering up or simply unwittingly not recognizing, are at play in politics.

I nominate A Skewed View

Funny, smart, informed and sometimes snarky. From the Left is one of my favorite bloggers.

Shout out to From the Left.

Christopher's my boy. He does good work, keeps us informed and always blogs with humor.

Without a doubt, Rachel

nominating Dr. Violet Socks

I nominate Uppity Woman as the best individual blogger. Her savvy combination of wit,humor, rare passion and hard-hitting, profilic writings draw admiration from her loyal readers and other bloggers alike. She definitely produces Pulitzer-quality blog entries, as many as 3 or 4 lengthy ones each day.

A Socially oriented blog.
The Woodstock Independent News
Chronicling the mismanagement of our elected officials.

Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend

Photography Is Not Crime

Photography Is Not a Crime was launched about six months ago as a reaction to the unlawful arrest and incerceration of Carlos Miller, after he did nothing but take pictures of police officers.

Miller, a 10-year veteran reporter who has worked for papers as large as the Arizona Republic and as small as the Deming Headlight, used the Website to chronicle the injustice and publicize the violation of his First Amendment rights.

What happened next opened Miller's eye. He found hundreds of people being arrested for photographing police officers, security guards, public officials, private citizens and buildings. Through the power of the Internet, many of these unlawful arrests have been documented - clearly showing the only crime was photographing someone of authority. Often the subject of the photo was doing nothing wrong, but still objected to having their image captured in a public forum. When a policeman is involved, they often object so much they abuse their authority and arrest the photographer. Sometimes no charges would be filed, just a night in jail. Other times, it would be the word of the officers against the word of a civilian and the charge of resisting arrest.

Today there's a little bit more justice.

Thanks to the publicity caused in part by Photography Is Not a Crime, a few of these cases have been resolved in favor of the Constitution, not to mention the photographer/videographer.

Over a year's time, PINAC has become a trusted destination for First Amendment news as it relates to photography and videography - plus there are great photos, political commentary and insight into seeing Miami like a native. The site has been mentioned in The New York Times, Fox News and BoingBoing. Now bloggers call Miller when they need to get the word out about someone getting arrested for taking a photograph.

Miller's own brush with the law is far from over. In Miller's case, the jury sided with the photographer on most counts. The jury exonerated Miller on the most serious counts of disobeying a police officer and disorderly conduct. They found Miller guilty of resisting arrest without violence and the judgel found Miller guilty of obstructing traffic. The case has arleady cost Miller thousands of dollars. Still, on principle, Miller is planning to appeal these minor charges, charges that are often used in these illegal arrests.

I am pleased to nominate From the Left.

Christopher runs a wonderful, intelligent, hyper-political blog and he keeps his readers informed, entertained and he challenges us to think about the issues of the day.

I am nominating Heidi Li's Potpourri.

Heidi is brilliant and has maintained a level discourse throughout this trying campaign season.

Thank you.

I would like to nominate:

To My Friends,with love...Sincerely Toddy English

URL: Http://

I would like to nominate:

Http://:[email protected]/

Ron Coleman's Likelihood of Success.

I've been reading this blog for a more than a year-it's thoughtful and well written. I've also heard the author speak on NPR's Blogger's Roundtable...He's great! Find the field at

I am the maintainer of iPhone World, a blog on that is dedicated to keeping it's readers up to date with everything concerning the Apple iPhone. We have reviews, tips and tricks and lots of fun!


I nominate

Jesus Diaz

And Kotaku
Brian Crecente

good in depth blog, about basically everything....very funny

Just Another View - Random posts and poems

I would like to nominate Shtuey. His blog Ohmyvalve is filled with the humor and comaraderie that many of us seek, embrace and are thankful for.

I nominate Knowledge is Power:

Daniel Eran Dilger - RoughlyDrafted Magazine

Reports and photos from deep inside Maldives

Brian Lam

Daniel Eran Dilger - RoughlyDrafted Magazine

The Anchoress Online

Knowledge is power:

I quintuple or sextuple or whatever the nomination of shtuey von shtuey for the best individual blogger. He is to be lauded for his tireless humor, kindness, and devotion to woman, man, canine, and bovinekind (not to mention feline in the likes of Chester Hopewell, a fully qualified candidate for the Presidency). His blog can be found at:

hmmm do i have to pick just one...or can i pick more than one..I mean come one now....since in some places like Chicago they get to vote more than once I just thought I'd save myself the trouble of having to get back in line ....therefore I would also like to nominate Heidi Li's Potpourri

So many, but we always know where to go for accurate, up to date info. Only one blogger truly disseminated the news whilst providing inordinate amounts of humor, keeping us all alive.

Shtuey, this one's for you.

Long Zheng!

I am entering for nomination From the Left. Christopher is a terrific Individual blogger. I've read him since he launched a couple of years ago and I think he's great.

Good luck!

Gala Darling!

Laurie Kendrick - Hilarious!

I've been blogging my butt off, so I nominate myself:

Julia Roy
a digital girl, the blog

Julia Roy
a digital girl, the blog

The 99 Cent Chef is one of a kind.
Cheap recipes, informative photos and clever videos.

I work hard. I'd like to nominate myself. ::wink::


Fantastic site, very through & unbiased, would recommend to anyone who's interested in GPS info.

Rachel Lucas
I don't think this blog means what you think it means.

brilliant, witty, and entertaining - a must read!

Best site about GPS:

Community blogging at its best. Covering the Soul of Los Angeles.

Clare Says
It's tough to pigeonhole Clare. Should I nominate her as LGBT, a diarist, travelblogger, foodie, photo wonk, or activist? I dig the mix so this seems the most appropriate place.

I nominate America's Right for best individual blogger.

Strobist / David Hobby. I want to see him win Best Blog overall, not just best photo blog

I nominate because it's more readable than any blog I've ever seen. No bells and whistles, just good conversations and readers actually post because they feel inspired to!!!

A singular and very often profound blog the elevates daily life through magical observations and mindful treasures...

I would like to nominate Jonathan Carroll, for his singular and very often profound blog the elevates daily life through magical observations and mindful treasures...

TSX TrendWatch Weekly

There's a company look about it, but TSX trendWatch Weekly is very much an individual effort.

Charles P. Whaley, PhD uses his relative trend analysis methodology to assess the Canadian stock markets.

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