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Its our first time blogging, we started earlier this year and it has been excellent.

Deb on the Rocks is my L word friend and a terrific, funny writer.

I'd like to nominate -- a blog that covers the accomplishments of openly LGBT politicans.

Here are some good trans blogs. I hope that the "T" in "LGBT" isn't silent here.

TransAdvocate -

Trans Group Blog -

TransGRiot -

Queers without Borders -

ENDA Blog -

Trans Workplace diversity -

And Questioning Transphobia -

I'm hoping that a few trans blogs get some recognition here after they exploded last year in the wake of the ENDA. "LGBT" isn't just a fancy word for "gay."

Oh, in all those nominations I forgot about The Bilerico Project! They're awesome!

I'd like to officially throw our hat into the ring. It was a huge honor to be a finalist last year! If we're chosen again, hopefully we'll bring home the gold this year.

The Bilerico Project

We also have two new affiliate sites focused on local LGBT issues.



I want to nominate Michael Moniz - Living Life Out Loud. It is a blog by a life coach and he shares his tips, funny stories, questions and advice supporting the LGBT community live their life to the fullest.

It is always a nice and inspiring read.

I'd like to nominate Meta Watershed, a lesbian-run blog which is written by one of the new staff writers at Group News Blog. Covers the gamut from lesbian-feminism to anti-racism, anti-classism, pop culture, art, an online lesbian novel, as well as radical political analysis.

I'd like to nominate myself!

Queering Domesticity - Pulling on apron strings since 1979

I would like to nominate:

Pam's House Blend:

Pam and the Blenders have one of the most informative sites I have ever found regarding LGBTQ issues, politics, life in general, as well as an amazingly diverse and open group of contributors. It's a fabulous community that I highly recommend!

I'd like to nominate myself!

Queering Domesticity - Pulling on apron strings since 1979

I check these sites everyday.

Best popculture blogs


Best News LGBT blogs


Seconding the nomination for

I'd like to nominate The Bilerico Project


everyday, all day

I'd like to nominate Queers United.

I'd like to also nominate myself, for my blog on Gay Men's Health, Academia, and LGBT Politics generally. Check it out:

I'd also like to nominate Jim Pickett and his work at Lifelube, an incredible Gay Men's Health advocacy blog that has had a tremendous year of sexy gay blogging action:

Lifelube: Gay. Sexy. Healthy.

I'd like to nominate my little ol' blog

The Mad Professah Lectures

Everything from progressive & LGBT politics, tennis and chess sports coverage, reviews of books and movies and restaurants. And of course Eye Candy of near-naked boys!

I'd like to add:
To the LGBT pot

Let the Transgender community be heard.

I wanna nominate my own!!!!

I would like to nominate Wicked Gay Blog as best new LGBT blog and best blog overall.

I nominate:


- and -


Puntabulous is the best LGBT blog ever

[email protected]

Maybe it's just me... and - trans blog

I'd like to nominate:

Suburban Lesbian Housewife

I want to the OTHER mother

I would like to nominate I think he does a fantastic job!

I would like to nominate Sick n Tired, who isn't afraid to but the gay community on notice and in its place

i nominate Peaches & Coconuts because this gay mom makes me laugh & cry!

Suburban Lesbian Housewife

great blog, read it everyday!

A second for Sara at

I'd like to nominate:

Suburban Lesbian Housewife

Not only because she is my favorite Sister, but because she is such an awesome writer, with an uncanny talent for telling it like it is!

More than a GLBT blog...

The Bilerico Project

The Bilerco Project

I wholeheartedly submit my nomination of The Bilerico Project, I see the blog already has a few other nominations and I can't even start to describe how well-deserved these are.

There is only one lgbt blog and it's Towleroad. Even the blogs that don't like it compare (and are just not as hung). And the frantic little one from iowa can't stop dragging it down out of envy.
Why Towleroad? Because Andy's in it every day and beats the Advocate and all the little blogs that stacked together even don't cover it or have the readers. Don't hate because he gets readers. We all wish we had them. but he does. There is a reason he gets the readers. He can think. He can write. He can entertain.
And his politics make him the obama of the bloggers. white black gay straight men women all would be welcome, though it's not made for all.. No patronizing and no snob snark. None of the bitter blog bunch. He respects the audience and doesnt slag them if they dont' read. He doens't consider anyone dumb because he's not in the beltway, in the know or been to college.
i learn a lot. you will too.
hate the hating ones.

I nominate because it is not only a source for progressive commentary, but has been an organizing tool from coast to coast.

Self-nom, just for the hell of it:

Blue Truck, Red State

A gay man's view of the world from small-town Texas.

hey, I nominate cos its pretty unique and has great coverage of UK news for gay women.

I'd like to nomminate

Trevor is a great writer, smarty academic and a real stand up guy.
Read his blog!

I'd like to nominate the Riftgirl blog, "Being T". It's funny, interesting, informative and deserving of recognition.

I'd like to nominate LadiesWhoMunch - hilarious lesbian blog!

E-News Journal

Small progressive news and politics blog from a gay perspective.

Self-nom, why not?
The E-News Journal

Nobody has nominated en|Gender, Helen Boyd's blog yet?

And also Donna Rose's Blog:

These are two must-reads.

I would like to nominate From the Left.

This is a terrific blog for LGBT-positive, political news and activism.

No advertising and real citizen journalism.

I would like to nominate FROM THE LEFT.

One of the best LGBT/political blogs for anyone of ANY orientation. Good luck, Christopher!

I'm straight but not narrow. I've learned a lot about gay issues from reading Christopher's writing at From the Left.

He deserves props!

AfterEllen for sure.

RIESE @ this girl called automatic win

I nominate it's personal, sometimes painful, funny, and always real.

I am pleased to nominate From the Left in the LGBT category.

I've learned so much about what it means to be gay and lesbian in this country as a result of reading Christopher's work.

While his focus is political, he's so fearless and ad hoc. Really well done.

I'm nominating us at because I think that we represent women of all sorts, all the time with a lesbian perspective (or at least our lesbian perspective - there are many). Whether older, disabled, of whatever race, whatever religion (muslim olympic sisters), we attempt to represent you....and usually we post five days a week with multiple posts. Which, let's be honest, is sometimes a lot of work.

We think we do well in our genre, and we hope that you agree...

for new gay blog, this blogger has a refreshing outlook on our community.

I respectfully nominate the blog of Sam Page (


Sam is an ex-Mormon, "reformed" gay pornstar, founder of HERO Magazine, and a fitness trainer in Hollywood.

I discovered the blog after seeing his interview with Kathy Griffin on "My Life on the D List" in June, and aside from being hot as hell, I think he's an outstanding 'out' journalist doing some really interesting work.

If I were a gay man...I'd be this peeved too..

I would like to nominate Wicked Gay Blog for this category.


Marcia's SICKOFITRADLZ (Sick of It Radical Lesbian) is the best LGBT blog

Box Turtle Bulletin:

I happen to think my blog is pretty fabulous:

Please consider Box Turtle Bulletin

Jim Burroway and the other guys have been doing very important work on this blog

Lewd. Loud. Irreverent. Gay. Woof.

Joe. My. God. for best gay weblog.


I nominate JoeMyGod--- best!

Joe My God

For the win!!!

Amazing writer. Period.

Tammy Bruce: best-selling author, columnist, Fox News Contributor, public speaker, activist, blogger.

Tammy Bruce: best-selling author, columnist, Fox News Contributor, public speaker, activist, blogger.

Tammy Bruce: best-selling author, columnist, radio talk show host, Fox News Contributor, public speaker, activist, blogger.

Joe.My.God.. read it every ya Joe.

and Princess Sparkle Pony... the pony was downright the best new thing in my life this year...

I nominate QueensSpeech

Without a doubt, Towleroad:

A celeb blog written by out-and-VERY-proud Michael K. He is the bitchiest, funniest guy around and I find myself checking his site all day long laughing outloud at his snarky, clever commentary. PerezHilton could only dream of being Michael K.

I would like to nominate The Gay Recluse, which I read daily:


I would like to nominate The Gay Recluse, which I read daily:


Feast of Fools- a daily, delicious mix of extraordinary news, social trends, politics and celebrity interviews.




I would like to nominate and
I read these every single day. I like them.

Oh Crap, I Have A Crush on Sarah Palin

riese! riese! riese!
autowin! autostraddle!

This Girl Called Automatic Win

+1 for Joe.My.God

i'd like to nominate marie lyn bernard's blogs

I vote for Riese's blog:

Riese's automatic straddle/automatic win blog. Always intelligent and amusing.

This girl called automatic win - Riese

I read it several times a day.

No question at all about the best:

Riese! Best bisexual blogger ever.

Funny, smart, clever, and pulling through with the poignant pure poetry when you need it most. She changes people's lives for real, and Haviland & Riese's vlogs are the best thing on youtube. For sure. Like a GLBT Sex in the City, but real, and on the internet. She won 2nd place in the Lesbian Blog of the Year Contest, so this is the next step ... obvs.


Both of Marie Lyn Bernard's blogs:

this girl called automatic win



hands down totes riese, no contest:

Autowin and Autostraddle.

This girl called automatic win!

Obvs best blog ever, plus free poetry!:
this girl called automatic win


never a dull moment. ever.

This Girl Called Automatic Win

Yep. Another vote for Riese's two.

I'd like to nominate This Girl Called Automatic Win

Rieses blog
"this girl called automatic win"
is amazing.

this girl called automatic win

loves it

I would like to nominate WWW.ALANILAGAN.COM - his photographs are gorgeous, his writing is touching, and his looks are lovely.

I would like to nominate:

The Feast of Fools !!!!

Never a dull moment!


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