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nominate 'Simply Left Behind' at:

for Best Liberal Blog

Jack Bunny is a playwright who comments on arts, literature, and life in general

Please consider:



The best!! Just simply the best!

I love Hullabuloo.

skippy the bush kangaroo ought to be given consideration.

skippy the bush kangaroo deserves consideration

skippy the bush kangaroo

Under The LobsterScope

Best Liberal
Best Political

Want liberal or democrat? If you want liberal, then,

The Gun Toting Liberal

Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog:

Hillary Grassroots Campaign

Nominating Hillary Clinton Blog for Best Liberal Blog
Hillary Grassroots Campaign [[email protected]]
[email protected]

Skeptical Brotha

Field Negro

Field Negro

Driftglass....The Best....Maybe God Is Not an Asshole though.

+ for
RSS feed:

This blog is a can't miss blog for me daily. Field Negro is always topical and spot on.

I would have to say


I second the nomination for Driftglass. With a cross-reference nomination for the Humor category.

Driftglass is wonderful!

Hillary Grassroots Campaign
Onward 2012~ !

I would like to nominate Mr Furious.

I am nominating From the Left.

The owner, Christopher di Spirito, is a forceful, gay, liberal blogger, who always keeps us informed and amused.

He's fearless and doesn't suffer fools, the rightwing, or the religious right.

He and his blog played a decisive role in the election of Barack Obama.

He's definitely a powerful force in the blogosphere.

E-News Journal

I'm going to nominate myself for best liberal blog, not because I think I'm the best, but because I offer a unique blend of politics and commentary.

Foreign Policy Watch

How can a beaten-down, demoralized Liberal party reignite the glorious red fire and recharge for the long journey back to forming government? For nomination, I present a couple of blogs from the other side.

Small Dead Animals


Blue Like You

Driftglass: A must read for liberal reality. He never holds back saying what we all see but refuse to admit.

Glenn Greenwald: Of course he represents the liberal edge and is able to point out the propaganda...legality. He's tireless and courageous refusing to backdown or backoff the media darlings or the political leaders of the money party beltway insiders. His efforts need to be recognized by all liberals.
http://[email protected]

I would be pleased to nominate From the Left.

A smart, funny and insightful liberal blog, that takes no prisoners and keeps the politicians honest.

Motley Moose

A fast growing Progressive political site with scads of smart and funny diarists.

I would like to vote for

One of my few daily "must-reads". Christopher's insight is razor sharp, as is his wit!

I vote for "From The Left" as best liberal blog.

I would like to vote for:

Always insightful and intelligent.

Witty, insightful, plugged into the culture.

Pam's House Blend

I nominate Hillary Clinton Grassroots Campaign

Hillary Grassroots Campaign

Helping the ordinary guy get the message of truth out! Opens peoples eyes!

Daily Kos. Indispensible.

Alone on a limb

I nominate ePluribus Media Community

The factual and always enjoyable The Vigil

The king of satiric liberalism, Jon Swift

The team at Swiftspeech: spreading liberalism here, there, and everywhere.

The thoughtful and gracious Mad Mike's America

The factual and always enjoyable The Vigil

The king of satiric liberalism, Jon Swift

The team at Swiftspeech: spreading liberalism here, there, and everywhere.

The thoughtful and gracious Mad Mike's America

The factual and always enjoyable The Vigil

The king of satiric liberalism, Jon Swift

The team at Swiftspeech: spreading liberalism here, there, and everywhere.

The thoughtful and gracious Mad Mike's America

Nomination for Best Liberal Blog: Left of College Station

Left of College Station was created in June to be a voice for liberal and progressive ideas in the conservative community of Bryan-College Station, Texas. (Which is home to Texas A&M University, which according to the Princeton Review is the most conservative college in the nation.) LOCS follows both local and national political and social events, posting headlines and articles and three to four times a week posting original content blogs. LOCS cross posts diaries on Texas Kaos, Burnt Orange Report, and the Daily Kos.

I would like to nominate the all volunteer ePluribus Media Community

Interesting, diverse, provocative and frequently controversial. The site welcomes contributors and has collected bunch of thoughtful people who partipate.


*Winner -- First Gilliard Grant of Merit for Excellence in Journalism and News Blogging -- Netroots Nation 2008.

*Webby Awards finalist for Best Political Blog (along with Huffington Post and Columbia Journalism Review) -- 2006.

* Winner -- 2006 Koufax Award -- Best Post .

*Credential blogger -- 2008 Democratic National Convention.

*Huffington Post Blog mainstay -- "Reading The Pictures" series

For lefty humor, I'd like to nominate

Madam Miaow says ...

Fearless prodding at the hypocrisies of the political establishment, aiming both at the right and the faux-left. And funny too. Brilliant coverage of the subtexts behind the media hysteria over the Chinese Olympics.

You said it's OK to nominate myself, so you here you go:
A blog dealing with food policy and the joys of eating local, sustainable food.

they are so gay i love them

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