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Barataria - the work of Erik Hare

Erik was a finalist last year when he was hosted on a different site. His comments on the state of literature are always thoughtful and something you don't see anywhere else!

The Scattered Proud

A novel written on a blog!

Breeni Books

Breeni reviews books and has contests just because she loves books so much. She is the future of literature, a time when reviews come from the grassroots of people who simply love to read.

Nathan Bransford

Nathan does more to help professional writers than any other agent, and he does it on his blog. Engaging and informative, Bransford's blog is a must-read for any aspiring writer.

Jack Bunny is a playwright who comments on arts, literature, and life in general

West of Mars-The Meet and Greet

Susan Helene Gottfried is the author of Trevor's Song, an edgy novel about the relationships within a rock band. West of Mars is the companion blog that includes outtakes not included in the novel. It's a fun way to get to know the guys of Shapshifter during their down time!

I nominate the following blog:

Shana's Literarily

Diary of a Heretic

Diary of a Heretic features serialized fiction, with new posts almost every day. Last year it came in third place in the Best Literature category and it has only gotten better!

Dan Leo

Dan Leo writes a fiction blog, featuring alternating novels that he writes as he goes. His writing is among the most original I've ever read. It's also hilarious and addictive.
But reading it for the first time, you may need more patience than the average blog demands.
He presents both novels as found work, written by characters he has created. Both stories involve a huge cast of characters. But stick with a few episodes and you'll be hooked.
One novel's plot is outrageous and plays with a gamut of genre styles. The other novel is set in Cape May, NJ. The narrator is modest to a fault and yet all manner of supernatural experiences seem to find him.
Dan Leo sets the novels during the 1960s and ends each episode with a rare period video.

I'd like to nominate Becky at Becky's Book Reviews. She has a large variety of book reviews, great articles and awesome author interviews.

I'd like to nominate Passages to the Past, which is my personal favorite.

I'd like to nominate:

Medieval Bookworm
Wonderful historical fiction reviews.

I'd like to nominate:

Bitten By Books - Paranormal Fiction Review Site

This site reviews any books related to paranormal fiction. There are always contests and guest interviews and blogs. Its a great site!

I would like to nominate A Reader's Respite. Great reviews and commentary!

Absolutely love this blog! Informative, fun and entertaining!

I'd like to nominate Natasha's blog, Maw Books. She reads a great variety of books, and is wonderful because of the awareness she raised when she blogged for Darfur.

I'd like to nominate Deena:

A Peek at My Bookshelf

I'd like to nominate Amy. Her blog is Passages to the Past. Awesome site and great resource.

WOW! Congratulations you have a not a interesting, but a beautiful put together blog!

Great Reviews and Features at A Peek at My Bookshelf

I'd like to nominate She is Too Fond of Books

I'd like to nominate Alice's Restaurant.

I'd like to nominate the Scattered Proud. Somebody else already placed the nomination but failed to point out that this is a full-length novel for young adults. Is there any chance you could add a category for the YA audience?

The Garden Flowers - "Every Garden Flower That Ever Will Sprout Is There In Your Mind"

It is a blog of thoughtful short stories.

I nominate Incurable Logophilia:

She's brilliant and insightful.

Here is my nomination :

Rachanakar :

Through this Hindi Language blog, this year alone, I had publihed 4 Novels, 2 Translated autobiography, 1 Technical book alongwith more than 400 other literary articles., a place of stories, poetry, interviews, essays and more, told from a number of voices and perspectives by a growing community of writers.

World in a Satin Bag
Wonderful blog about science fiction literature & he's writing his own series too.

Speculative Horizons
UK blog focusing on fantasy literature, with book reviews, author interviews and articles related to the genre...and the occasional tongue-in-cheek dig at bad fantasy book covers.

I would like to nominate Traci's Book Bag. Her book reviews are wonderful.

love this blog

I nominate a great collections of book reviews across genres

I nominate DaddyBstrong. The blogger poetry, passages from fiction and non-fiction books in his posts. He connects current events to American history, especially pivotal moments in African American history.

I nominate Stalker, certainly the best French blog in Literature and Criticism (with texts on Cormac McCarthy, George Steiner, William Faulkner, Jose^h Conrad and many others authors)...
Here it is :

I nominate the Dark Party Review, literate blather at its best.

This is a wonderful blog.

This is a wonderful blog.

Harlequin's I Heart Presents blog - posts by authors, editors, aspiring writers, and readers of their most popular line of books:

Harlequin's I Heart Presents blog - featuring posts from authors, editors, aspiring writers, and readers of their most popular line of books:

I'd like to nominate IO9, a blog for science fiction in various media.

The Spoon River Metblog

A modernized adaptation of Spoon River Anthology, told in the form of a fictional Metroblog site. Part of the Loose-Fish Project:

Tumblemoose Writing Productions

I would like to nominate The Pink Heart Society for it's content and also for it's review blog.

I nominate Tote Bags 'n' Blogs for it's author content, reviews, contests, interviews.....just a nice place to visit and see what's going on in the romance genre.

Without question, I nominate Utah Savage, who is one of the most talented writers in the blogsphere, with her accompanying blogs, Savage Stories, Savage Poetry, and Maggie-A Novel One of the best literary blogs out there.

I nominate

I met the owner of the blog years ago. She's very dedicated to the genre, promo, reviews and very professional.

Dedicated contributors and readers to support the romance genre.

Excellent blog, the entire site contests, services for authors, and tons of info for read

Amy runs a Blog Appreciation Week and is so dedicated to getting the word out.

Author Sound Relations Tote Bags n Blogs excellent site with author posts, reviews, contests and goodie bags. MS

I'd like to nominate for stories and articles about just about everything. Next week there will be stories about pets and more. In December there will be interviews with award winning authors and a publisher.

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