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American Soldier

Great comments

One Marine's View

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles :

I highly recommend Acute Politics.

I second

I'd also like to nominate:

Miserable Donuts -

Defense Tech -

You Served (love the podcasts too).

"The Torch". Canadian, with wide coverage of Afstan in particular (I contribute):


Army of Dude. Literate, eloquent, factual, believable.

Vote for One of the best blogs you could ever read!

You Served military blog and podcast:

Fobbits Like Ice Cream Too

Samantha Speaks
Marine news, history, and troop support

A reasonable, informed mil blog from a counter terrorism subject matter expert. A liberal bent, but mostly middle-of-the-road:

Ranger Against War

For the Air Force, this guy:

The war on big tobacco.

i second:
War on Big Tobacco

Always a great read.
War on Big Tobacco

What can you say about BT other than it is a great read.

I nominate Big Tobacco!

War on Big Tobacco

The War on Big Tobacco

I nominate Rangeragainstwar. It is what it says it is. Informed commentary from retired Special Forces Army officer against current approaches to terrorism. Doesn't get too bogged down in the technology or minutiae -- we take a generalist's point of view.

Highly allusive, sometimes snarky, but never mean-spirited. The goal is dialog across the disciplines, for that's where you'll find truth.

I nominate The Unlikely Short-Timer for best military blog of 2008.

Suspect's blog was, is and always will be the best blog ever.

I am going to have to second the nomination for The War on Big Tobacco. Love to read his stuff.

Big Tobacco is my Hero

He tells it like it is, the good the bad and the ugly.

Best Military blog:

Blue Star Chronicles

Big Tobacco

BT is the Ernie Pyle of our time. A true cigar afficionado in BDU's.

I smoked a La Gloria Cubana Wavell while writing this.

Not the whole truth (opsec), but better actually : fully authentic.
And of course great read.

Big Tobacco

Neptunus Lex

He won't win,I'm sure. Prolly doesn't care if he doesn't, either.

Lex has a great mind, experience and following.

Best Mil Blog:

The Long War Journal

Holger Awakens

I nominate Daniellaland -- witty, opinionated, quirky, and may leave you craving a funhouse mirror...

I nominate Big Tobacco at

Informative,hilarious, irreverant, but sometimes poignant and always entertaining.


War on Big Tobacco

I Nominate A Soldier's Mind Terri and Anthony do a great job of touching on current issues.

much as i admire and enjoy Chuck and Lex's sites, we "enlisted scum" (yeah, i really heard that oncet) have to stick together.

nothing but love.

I nominate Big Tobacco: AKA The War on Big Tobacco

Adam Kokesh: Revolutionary Patriot

Revolutionary Patriot

The War on Big Tobacco

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