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I would like to nominate "Raisin Toast" for Best new Blog!

Raisin Toast

Raisin Toast is a story about the suburban life and experiences of a North Carolina family of 6. From home improvement and homeschooling, photography and fine art, restaurant and product reviews, to cooking and cleaning, tips and more, Susan Vaughn keeps her family on their toes and delights her readers with her constant state of chaos and rib-tickling fun.

We are fairly new, we started in May of this year.

Moms in the Right

Blog Nosh Magazine

I'd like to nominate BlogNosh Magazine for Best New Blog. It's a fantastic online magazine dedicated to showcasing our communities best articles!

Blissfully Domestic

Jack Bunny chronicles the adventures of his famous uncle during the 1930's and 40's.

I'd like to nominate the new blog JewWishes, which previewed 15 months ago.



Please consider:


I would like to nominate A Diva Would Never



I would like to nominate myself!

The 8th Circle - Corruption, Democracy and Eastern European Politics

Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Male Bitch

A new blog, from Terry Thornton, a founding member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, dedicated to articles and information about cemeteries, grave markers, and burial customs in the Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi.

I nominate . This is a great new blog by a kid who plans to be a master chef and is charting his path with each entry, guided by comments from readers all over the world. It's hysterical, honest, irreverent and really well-written.

Please nominate "Joo-Tube" - The voice of the world's favorite (though reluctant) scapegoat

Presenting a view of global events - from a Jewish perspective.

How does the modern world respect the safety of its adherents of the Jewish faith (and Israel, the Jewish refuge)?

Joo-Tube features original-produced video and unique insights from Jewish culture - of value to all people of conscience.


im nominating

AriRusila's BalkanBlog - new and oppositing mainstreammedia:

Best blog in the Carolinas

Good Prattle did start after October 3rd--the few posts listed as older were backdated for the sake of continuity:

I'd like to nominate Hey Lola, located at I'm not ashamed to say that I'm nominating myself only because I'm sure that thousands of other people have nominated me as well. However, just in case their nominations were lost (as so often happens) I'm here to make things right.

Thank you for your consideration.

I Nominate Python in the Snake Pit

I nominate for the relentless, untiring pursuit to give us the best information behind the subversive matriculation of forces trying to take over our country. I can not express enough gratitude for the work behind the post other than become involved and do my part to not let that happen. Even if not awarded, her work has educated and inspired me and many other readers. That is an award that goes beyond votes….

Criggo: Newspapers are going away. That's too bad.
KJ (aka KerrieJean) has been propping up Australia's Radio National for yonks, while she moonlights.. or spotlights, looking for a root in her holden ute, with Big Swifty.

Laconic Australian humor.

FakeLog - Be informed not deceived

Information media about fakes. Helps the internet users to be informed not deceived. Spotting fakes and logs them to inform you.

I'd like to nominate pitlanefanatic - a fantastic new formula 1 forum and blog
which has been running since August 2008

please consider my blog

Best New Blog:

Three Hundred Words

This is a great blog that follows the Obama Presidency from the begining

Made in Deco

Decorating, interior design and consumer electronics.

Superflash Photography:


Change is in the air...Who'd have thunk it?

Thinking in a truly rational dialectic between intuition and intellect about sailing,national security and social issues

I nominate Becoming Mary Poppins, a humorous blog about a woman who is trying to do it all.

I nominate as best new blog. Four-time Emmy® award winning news correspondent, Mike Boettcher, and his son, Carlos, are living with our soldiers reporting on the frontline. Mike and Carlos, unplugged from traditional media, are on a journey for the truth. No other reporter is covering this nation's military like www. The Ernie Pyle of the Blogs.

I nominate
CAVS संचार

for best new blog

I nominate
ताज़ा हवा

for best new blog !

The series of "Honest McCain Campaign Posters" was awesome!

Self-nom, just for the hell of it:

Blue Truck, Red State

A gay man's view of the world from small-town Texas.

I would like to nominate:
as the best new blog.
Mike Boettcher and his son are
taking some amount of personal risk
in trying to tell the truth about
the lives of the soldiers who are
trying to stabilize IRAQ and enable
self government to prevail.

Alright, I'll step in it.

Est. Oct. 31, 2007 -- blogs about the anniversary of a historical execution (or occasionally, a literary one ...) once a day, every day, for 54 weeks and counting.

I am nominating as the best new blog. Veteran news correspondent Mike Boettcher and his son, Carlos are risking their own personal safety to bring this blog to you and the families of our military in Iraq.

Best new blog, by far, especially its "Stuff Lesbians Like" recurring feature:

Grace The Spot

(Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog It)

11 months old, 1900 posts, authority ~28

The Right Guy:
Political commentary from the right, that may be right, but not always correct.

Bad nomination format on me; this is more like it --

Executed Today

I would like to nominate "Just Lizabell" for Best New Blog.

This blog started this year: The Blog at 16th and Q.

Health and Fitness Insights from an insider who understands the ugly underside of the fitness industry.

Fitness Insights

I nominate Pigeons and Planes, at It is a brand new blog focusing on new music ranging from indie rock to mainstream hip hop and it's already competing with music blogs that have been around for years. The blog is in direct contact with labels and artists to get some really great material for posts. The feed is

Great blog about the goings on in Alaska...Mudflats.

I would like to nominate:
Tidbits by Tiki

When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof)

Sorry bad format last time.
Pigeons and Planes

New music ranging from indie rock to mainstream hip hop. Updated at least 5 times a day.

What's up everyone this is Lo.Writer from And If You Don't Know ( I'd love your votes for best new blog because I believe my blog is different from your average. The backbone of my blog is to showcase famous artists as well as local underground artists attempting to shine. I as well bring the lastest news in the Hip Hop business. So once again I'd appreciate the vote!

What's up everybody this is Lo.Writer from And If You Don't Know & I'd appreciate your votes for best new blog. I think that my blog is different from alot of other blogs because the main focus of my blog is to showcase local as well as famous artists as to expose you to their work and help you generate interest in someone you may have never heard before...not only that but I also gather the latest tracks & news in the Hip Hop with all that for me! And If You Don't Know, Now You Know!!!

Paul Ibrahim's Blog:

I'm nominating

This blog recently reached 4 MM hits, and was started only in January this year by someone who left DailyKos. Threads have close to 300 comments each, and there're about 4-5 threads a day - you do the math.

This blog was the start of the PUMA movement.

Here is the best new kid on the block

We All Want Someone To Shout For

Everything from indie rock-mainstream rock. Anything that sounds good. Live reviews, album reviews, news and more!

From Colorado, Peoples Press Collective:

Featuring live video feeds, video/photo coverage of Colorado politics.

Musicology 101

Shots on the House


Squob is the only RVing website with an eye for design. We cover the best new vehicles and the coolest classics.

I would like to nominate this blog that just started in February 2008

I nominate "Searching for Liberty" - started a couple of months ago.

I would like to nominate this blog which is about the adventures of a young father with 3 kids.

I would like to nominate:

RBO rocks and has provided excellent research articles.

I would like to nominate Uppity Woman+
Superb blog!

I would like to nominate
absolutely outstanding.

I would like to nominate
No Quarter.
Bravo No Quarter

I'd like to nominate "the Real Barack Obmama", also known as RBO, which appeared late Jan 2008.

Whether you're for Obama or against him, it's clear the media did a poor job of vetting and critiquing him. Were it not for political blogs like RBO, we would have heard nothing in way of earnest criticism at all.

RBO is extensive, incredibly well researched, never hits below the belt, is chock full of links and incredibly dedicated to the truth and telling the whole story, complete with myriads of complex relationships.

A democracy is only democratic when issues are reported on truthfully and can be debated. RBO gives readers the stories the media refuses to/won't take the time to investigate and report. RBO brings the threads of information together forming a tapestry of rich information like no other site I've ever seen. America deserves to know everything about its politicians.

RBO helps serve that purpose.

I nominate the very BEST blog:

Kudos RBO for keeping us informed with the facts!

Idle Wordship

Give it a look... only been around 8 months, but I like it.

I nominate Liberty Girl for best new blog.

I nominate


I would like to nominate the Versailles Beat. this blog was featured several times in Major publications for its great writing and insider info.

i'm shamelessly going to plug my own blog

random ramblings from a Singaporean snowboarder in London, about everything and anything, and honestly, i write to provide food for thought (not really, i just want people to read my blog! d:)

I nominate best new blog:

Chris reports for cnn - good stuff.

Deconstructing Mallard

A mock psychological examination of Mallard Fillmore, the world's most anti-social cartoon duck.

Just a few months old, a beautiful new food/travel blog, written by a New Yorker living in Zurich, Switzerland. Food, travel, photography - definitely worth checking out!

I nominate: the Black Sphere

I also nominate: The Black Sphere
Kevin is right on Track!!!

Peterman’s Eye is a community for ideas, facts and opinions. A place where we can educate, entertain and discuss with each other topics we find interesting.

Not only is this blog livley and entertaining, it is a great source of facts and eye opening information

I nominate Smart Girl Poltics

I would like to nominate . In eight short months, it has developed a devoted following that helps to expose the truth in local politics, more often than not reports news before the local paper, and aggressively works against bringing to Southbridge, Massachusetts the states largest Municipal Solid Waste Dump, which would allow 1 billion pounds of waste every five quarters. Dennis has a legion of people that help him to break stories that the local papers won't cover.

I think I do good work, so I'll nominate myself. Thanks.

Life on the Reflux Rollercoaster

Sophie provides the material and Kristy makes it hilarious!

I nominate The Black Sphere

I nominate daddyBstrong.

Though he has only been blogging about six months, he posts on important political, historical,
literary and musical topics. And he gets quality comments from readers as well. Often, comments turn into conversations between readers as well. He has quickly received quite a following.

I would like to nominate "To My Friends With Love...Sincerely, Toddy English"

I nominate A Skewed View

Something different!

Are you kidding? By and far the most impressive and helpful site of the year is in Massachusetts. It's .

Great job!

I nominate The Outland Institute.

Starting 4 months ago as a blog about the Melbourne Film festival, it has now covers interviews, guest writers, taste-tests, political discussion and a skewed take on popular culture.

"Culture - like death - is all around us. The Outland Institute looks at culture in its many and varied forms. From film to radio, the visual arts to public trends, you'll find it mouldering away in a glass box somewhere."

I nominate "The How To Project"

I would like to nominate Crystal Clear Conservative: Crystal Clear Conservative is one of my favorite blogs, as the author writes brilliantly and utilizes libertarian thought.

the music slut (THEMUSICSLUT.COM)

I nominate No Quarter USA

I nominate the above URL
for the Best_New_Blog. Thank you.

I second the opinion! Kevin has the absolute best Conservative Blog in 2008 and EVER!

Has been Nominated for the BEST NEW BLOG - Conservative Blog in 2008 and EVER !

Be educated - check out the real "facts" !

See Kevin at

You wont be able to stop reading his "rants", they are informative, humurous and truthful!

Spread the Knowledge! KNowing is 1/2 the battle !

BEST NEW COnservative BLOG!

I nominate me.
Cinie's World

Informative and amazing BEST NEW CONSERVATIVE BLOG!

Kevin's rants are informative and most of all based on facts -

Be informed - Vote for the best conservative blog out there!


Occasional Brief Observations

I am repeating the same justification for my vote in two other categories:

Larry Johnson created probably the most open site found on the Internet during this election. People were never blocked for their opinions and some of the guest writers were internationally known. Even the writers that were known only to the blog provided a wealth of thought-provoking material.

Absolutely the bet on the the Net in 2008!

great blog for world politics and economics

I nominate I Call BS!

Infidels Are Cool
American Politics | World News | Anti-Jihad


a new music one thats good for LEAKS and VIDEOS so far

Please nominate "Bud Whites World"

Bud has a terrific design. He works very hard on his articles and is always well sourced. Best of all his list of top linked blogs on the left die makes sure you get all the days news and happenings from one easy to read and central location

I nominate New Homes's Blog.

A blog for new homes and real estate business of today.

Brilliant writing, videos and graphics.

A variety of great issues. Informative articles!!

Logistics Monster

I wish to nominate Paul Ibrahim as The Best New Blog.

I nominate Fundamentally Flawed: Mocking fundies and their obsession with gay marriage since Indecision 08'

I would like to nominate:

All the things that wind me up, especially the ineptitude and greed of the ruling UK government.

What the hell...I'll nominate myself. haha.

Unapologetically Mundane should tooootally win Best New Blog.

Great stories, great videos, and lots of pictures of food!

I would like to second the nomination for Crystal Clear Conservative. There is no doubt that CCC is one of the best new blogs in the Virginia blogosphere.

I just started blogging early last month, and if I don't nominate myself, who will? So here goes...

The name of my blog is "non compos mentis" and it can be found at


I just started blogging early last month, and if I don't nominate myself, who will? So here goes...

The name of my blog is "non compos mentis" and it can be found at


I would love to nominate:

To My Friends, with love...Sincerely Toddy English.

URL: Http://

I would like to nominate myself, and I would like to thank both Tanqueray Chic and Another CCC Fan for their nominations.

I would like to nominate the Blacksphere as best new blog and best conservative blog.

Humbly nominating:
America Needs Sarah Palin

Pick Nick's Brain - Helping babies and toddlers (and their parents) get more sleep!

Most interesting and funny new blog is Emtnester:

I would like to nominate iPhone World as the best new Blog. iPhone World keeps you up-to-date with all you need to know about the iPhone. The content is objective and well written and the site as a very clean design!

Random thoughts

Easy Eco - Easy ways to save green and be green

I wouldn't mind voting for myself! I may not win, but check me out and hopefully you'll find my brand new political blog worth while. This is a long shot for a new kind on the blog, but give me a chance and see if you feel I am worth while as well.

I nominate The Black Sphere, as the best new blog. Kevin has just the right amount of "snarkiness" to make the posts enjoyable without descending into invective and insult.

Can't forget this thing!

Innovative Games is an independent games development blog by Sean James.

The reply hasn't come in yet so I'm trying again. You can click on my name but otherwise check me out here:

I think there's potential in

This is one of the best and most heartfelt blogs on the internet. Excellent reading every time!

peacocks and lilies

This is a new blog that started from the remnants of blogocracy by joni (myself) and reb.

We are new but growing and have a hardcore of supporters and commentors. an haitian blog

I nominate Blogocrats:

I would like to nominate Grand Rants:

I nominate Nate Silver's blog:

Hands down the best blog during the election, which carefully explained how to interpret polls and use them to predict outcomes.

Five Thirty Eight

Nate Silver did a bang up job covering the election polls.

Five Thirty Eight:
Fantastically informative and entertaining blog that covered the campaign and election like no one else could.

Since his debut a year ago, The 99 Cent Chef is stirring up the pot with cheap recipes, informative photos and clever videos -- a worthy nominee for Best New Blog. The Chef has been profiled this year on NBC Nightly News, NPR Radio and MSN Money.

Wide range of subjects.

Since his debut one year ago, The 99 Cent Chef has been profiled on NBC Nightly News, NPR Radio, and MSN Money. The cheapest Chef's blog features recipes, photos and clever videos. Nominating as Best New Blog: for BEST NEW BLOG.

Because JMG says so!

Launched in 2008, this new site, that is moret than a blog, features the journal and images of a woman who is a professional photographer, international adventure traveler, published author, and eccentric.

I nominate the People's Press Collective!

Best new blog (LGBT): QueensSpeech

This new blog is great stuff. You find out what crazy and stupid things parents are doing out there. This site takes a story about a family in then news and puts a humorous, educational and words if wisdom spin on it. I hope to never see myself on this blog because it means I'm an idiot in the world. It's one addicting blog -- you've got to check it out. Read about Famlies In The News, but don't be one of them :-)

This new blog is great stuff. You find out what crazy and stupid things parents are doing out there. This site takes a story about a family in then news and puts a humorous, educational and words if wisdom spin on it. I hope to never see myself on this blog because it means I'm an idiot in the world. It's one addicting blog. Read about families in the news, but don't be one of them.

Nomination for Best New Blog: Left of College Station

Left of College Station was created in June to be a voice for liberal and progressive ideas in the conservative community of Bryan-College Station, Texas. (Which is home to Texas A&M University, which according to the Princeton Review is the most conservative college in the nation.) LOCS follows both local and national political and social events, posting headlines and articles and three to four times a week posting original content blogs. LOCS cross posts diaries on Texas Kaos, Burnt Orange Report, and the Daily Kos.

blogocrats best on the blogscene!

I nominate Blogocrats. A web site that discusses social issues, politics, arts and humanity, with a great sense of community feel to it. Well I stopped in for a look and i am now addicted.

I would like to nominate "Wicked Gay Blog" as best new blog.

I most enthusiastically nominate WickedGayBlog for the best in category. Dave does a superior job in keeping all of us up-to-date on the recent GLBT news---and there's sure been plenty of it in 2008. He gives us stories from across the country (and the globe, when appropriate) but not in a heavy-handed fashion. Also, he's always considerate in providing an "eye candy" entry for those not in a news mood on a given day. The layout, presentation and content are definitely high concept, without being excessively over-designed or cluttered. Wicked Gay Blog RULES! and should be awarded Best New Blog! Thanks.


I nominate Design is Philosophy - a web design blog focusing on standards based code, CSS and WordPress customization:


Coach . Journalist . Tennis Fan

Therealbarackobama (RBO) gets my nomination. As stated by others nominating the site, it's incredibly, painstakingly well-researched. It remains factual ALWAYS and does not push stories based on hearsay or rumors. Comments are moderated somewhat - there is no hate, no running off at the mouth, no stupidity, no obscenities, no racism, no sexism. RBO doesn't waste my time: Whatever is there, be it posts or comments, is worth taking a look at!

RBO is dedicated to bringing forth the truth in a time where journalists/the media have completely failed us. No commercial banners or ads cluttering this site: It is focused and clear. A search box enables readers to revisit posts. Posts are regularly updated.

I've learned so much from RBO. Hats off, whether this site gets the nomination or not!!

I like

It is where left and right discuss the issues of the day and there is hardly any abuse because the people there respect each others point of view regardless if they agree or not.

I nominate Daniellaland -- except for Neverland Ranch, it's the funnest place I've ever been!

I would like to nominate Blogocrats at:

This is a place where you can discuss all issues, political, social. Just make certain that you bring along your sense of fairness and justice as well a dose of good humor.

Blogocrats -

Real sense of community from a group that have managed to stay together for a long time now.

Definitely Blogocrats.

def fivethirtyeight

I nominate Plumb Bob Blog for best new blog.

Would like to nominate this blog :

I appreciate the wide variety of news that is posted on this blog. It's good to have an intelligent voice keeping us up-to date on issues that radically effect us.

There also some good photos!!

Oh Crap, I Have A Crush on Sarah Palin

Leftist crushgirl follows the Palin phenomenon, from the silly to the serious.

I nominate America's Right for best new blog.

I nominate

It's a great place to find and contribute to a discussion on well-being

I would like to nominate Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures Blog

Not only is it informative and well written, but there are some great stories such as the one on "My Meeting with Henri" or the series on The Barefoot Contessa's trip across Australia, all with photos, of course!

Awesome design...awesome content.

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

I would like to nominate CleanTechies - a blog on cleantech, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. CleanTechies bloggers are industry experts who share their insights with the community.

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