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LiveFast Racing Podcast
---Johnny from LiveFast Racing and Eric Trytko(a/k/a the Duke) from Rumblestrip Radio; these guys know their motorsports news whether it's on two wheels or four wheels and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.....

Interview with Mark Steyn hit 1 million downloads!



The premiere podcast for fans of punk, hardcore, indie, metal, emo and more. Past guests include Mick Jones (The Clash), Bouncing Souls, Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan), Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy) and many more.

Pundit Review is AWESOME. Timely, impactful, thoughtful. Definitely deserves consideration this year.

Pundit Review

Pundit Review has been broadcast on Boston's 50,000 watt talk station WRKO for nearly four years. This weekly show scores great guests, from Michael Barone to Bill Kristol to John Bolten. They also regularly feature the best the blogosphere has to offer, such as Blackfive, Michael Yon, Ed Morrisey and many others.

I would like to nominate Punditreview for the balanced, current political views, wit and difficult to locate in the mainstream media content.

If you are into motorcycle road racing or just want to hear a good, no-BS podcast, check out Rumblestrip Radio. Eric Trytko(a/k/a the Duke) covers the world of motorcycle road racing, whether it is AMA Superbike, BSB(British Superbike), World Supers' or even MotoGP and tells it like it is, each and every podcast.

I have learned so much from Kevin's blog. Very knowledgable and fair website.

Well I WAS gonna nominate Pundit Review Radio (, but it looks like it's pretty well covered here... ;-)

So I'll add For Immediate Release (, Marketing Over Coffee ( and PoliTalk (

I nominate Just One More Book!!

Great wit and humour, compelling insights, and thought-provoking perspectives

F1 Minute : Bytesize Formula 1 News

SpouseBuzz Talk Radio

SpouseBuzz Talk Radio

La Musique Automatique

La Musique Automatique

La Musique Automatique

Gon and Hear: La Musique Automatique


concise daily world strategic overview

The Classic Tales Podcast, with B.J. Harrison

A great reader, reading great stories

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "Thriller"

La Musique Automatique

Los huevocast from La Musique Automatique

I'm nominating my own Podcast, "Mister Ron's Basement."

Begun in March, 2005, this daily production of humorous public domain stories currently offers over 1200 episodes featuring fun stories by classic American Humorists who were (mostly) household names long ago, and are now (mostly) forgotten.

FEED: feed://

Comments are always welcome at the Podcast blog site:

I nominate my Active Christian Media podcast where I have interviewed Christian authors, public policy experts and have lively commentary on the hot issues of the day.


Link at Talkshoe

Harlequin's Meet the Editor's Podcast:

I nominate Pundit Review for several reasons:

1. Depth and breath of the discussions of Kevin as well as his many well known guests from around the country are stimulating and thought provoking.

2. The respect Kevin demonstrates for other views even if they differ from his.

3. Informative and enlightening programming.

MobileTechRoundup, a three-host weekly conversation about the latest mobile computing, handheld and smartphone news since November of 2005.

I nominate Forgotten Classics. Great fun.

This American Life. Great themes, great varieties of stories on that theme.


Feast of Fools- a daily, delicious mix of extraordinary news, social trends, politics and celebrity interviews.




I nominate:

Amazing kids interviewing people from around the world.

This site is great:

Go for the huevocast by La Musique Automatique

Official Michael Jackson "Thrillercast" - 28 Episodes

Official Michael Jackson "Thrillercast" - 28 Episodes

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