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This site is AMAZING. So much great content. I read it every single day!

The Pajama Pundit

nominate for Best Political Coverage

Village Scribe Online

nominate for Best Political Coverage

Village Scribe Online

Brilliant at Breakfast

whatever it is i'm against it!

There's more to politics than American politics, and few blogs cover politics as well as The India Uncut Blog, written by Amit Varma.

His coverage of the complex world of Indian politics is fantastic, and he also writes a fair bit about American politics. Check out his category page for examples:

Varma is also an award-winning journalist - he won the 2007 Bastiat Prize for Journalism -- but his best writing, imo, is on his blog. has been for me the best and one of the fastest ways to gain updated information about issues as they happened! I think they actually called the election before FOX news on TV. Jeff Scheiber does a great job of reporting as unslanted as he possibly can, but he does allow himself to post his views quite often. Great site!

I nominate for the relentless, untiring pursuit to give us the best information behind the subversive matriculation of forces trying to take over our country. I can not express enough gratitude for the work behind the post other than become involved and do my part to not let that happen. Even if not awarded, her work has educated and inspired me and many other readers. That is an award that goes beyond votes….

Atlas Shrugs




Thurber's Thoughts

Covers Toledo politics like a blanket with great national commentary to boot.

Connecticut Local Politics

This is the best political blog!

American puma is nothing but cut and paste...bleh!

Unlike almost all blogs and many other sites, I avoid demagoguery and concentrate on things that are effective (such as discrediting reporters) and encouraging people to actually do things (like ask politicians questions). I also have extensive background information on various politicians, mostly but not entirely in regards to immigration:

Foreign Policy Watch

Uppity is the antidote to The One. We love her!

I nominate The Confluence Riverdaughter.
The posts and the comments are so insightful and truthful and make people think.

The Pajama Pundit

Thoughtful commentary with all viewpoints welcome - no name calling.

I nominate That's So Maverick

Uppity Woman

Offers, brilliant, hard-hitting writing; publishes only authenticated stories. A beacon of sanity. A wisewoman.

Texas Darlin Darlin

A heroic citizen journalist. A crusader for truth. A patriotic American who loves and serves her country.


Mixes astute commentary with brilliant graphics. A place to learn, comment, and be with friends.

I would like to nominate No Quarter

Thurber's Thoughts

From The Left

The best!

No Quarter

I nominate Uppity Woman. Analytical, diligent, and insightful.

Uppity Woman great coverage and insider info.

Uppity Woman - Satirical, factual, take no prisoners attitude
Great graphics, funny

I would like to nominate . In eight short months, it has developed a devoted following that helps to expose the truth in local politics, more often than not reports news before the local paper, and aggressively works against bringing to Southbridge, Massachusetts the states largest Municipal Solid Waste Dump, which would allow 1 billion pounds of waste every five quarters. Dennis has a legion of people that help him to break stories that the local papers won't cover.

I would like to vote for FROM THE LEFT.

Sharp & to the point, Christopher is always on target.
UW - Always insightful, satirical, and revealing political coverage. No holds barred. Great!

NQ - always a wealth of extensive political observations, analyses, and facts, that cut to the chase of the matter, and can disarm the best critics.

Jews Against Obama

They warned the world, but few would listen. Who will remember them?

Foreign Policy Watch

Her tireless need for the truth during this election, had me checking her site every hour.

From the Left is a real political force on the left. I read Christopher's blog every morning. A+ blogger!
I nominate uppity woman among many other favorites. Sharp, witty, humorous, hard-hitting, passionate and a prolific writer.
I nominate uppity woman among many other favorites. Sharp, witty, humorous, hard-hitting, passionate and a prolific writer.


I nominate No Quarter USA blog.

for Best_Political_Coverage, I nominate NoQuarter at

Larry Johnson created probably the most open site found on the Internet during this election. People were never blocked for thier opinions and some of the guest writers were internationally known. Even the writers that were known only to the blog provided a wealth of thought-provoking material.

Absolutely the bet on the the Net in 2008!

Best blog so far this year. None stop news and threat, and my posts never got blocked. Larry Johnson is the most informed and intellegent blogger I've known.

I nominate:

No Quarter USA
Best people on the net!

Uppity Woman:
Very smart lady!!

American Thinker:

I nominate No Quarter

I have three nominees
The Common Ills
The Third Estate Sunday Review
Mikey Likes It

From the Left is one of the 5 blogs I read each day to get my political fix.

A more well rounded, smarter blog can't be found.

I nominate two sites:
Sunlight Foundation

Real Time Investigations:

Want political insight? Go here:

I nominate Shtuey over at Oh My Valve for being a cutting edge writer and being ahead of the curve on political events.

I like From the Left for political coverage. So many blogs now have become product placement sites heavy with ads you must step over. No so with From the Left. Christopher presents a left-leaning mix of news and opinion in a crisp, intelligent fashion.

Good luck!

Logistics Monster:

Sugar n spice

love love love

I'd like to nominate

1) Harpy Marx

2) Splintered Sunrise

3) Socialist Unity

and me

4) Madam Miaow Says ...

I would like to nominate:

1. Madam Miaow Says....

2. Splintered Sunrise

3. Socialist Unity

4. Ten Percent

and me....

5. Harpymarx

Nomination for Best Political Coverage: Left of College Station

Left of College Station was created in June to be a voice for liberal and progressive ideas in the conservative community of Bryan-College Station, Texas. (Which is home to Texas A&M University, which according to the Princeton Review is the most conservative college in the nation.) LOCS follows both local and national political and social events, posting headlines and articles and three to four times a week posting original content blogs. LOCS cross posts diaries on Texas Kaos, Burnt Orange Report, and the Daily Kos.

Hit & Run is where the cool people hang out.

The best coverage by far

Little Green Footballs

Therealbarackobama (RBO) gets my nomination. This site is incredibly, painstakingly well-researched. It remains factual ALWAYS and does not push stories based on hearsay or rumors. Comments are moderated somewhat - there is no hate, no running off at the mouth, no stupidity, no obscenities, no racism, no sexism. RBO doesn't waste my time: Whatever is there, be it posts or comments, is worth taking a look at!

RBO is dedicated to bringing forth the truth in a time where journalists/the media have completely failed us. No commercial banners or ads cluttering this site: It is focused and clear. A search box enables readers to revisit posts. Posts are regularly updated.

I've learned so much from RBO. Hats off, whether this site gets the nomination or not!!

A woman with heart that loves and cares for this country.

Michael Totten at

Fantastic international political coverage - independent journalism at its best.

The go to site of this past election season

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