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I nominate the JewWishes blog in the Best Religious Blog category.



Talk Wisdom

Talk Wisdom's goal is to defend the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith - especially when speaking out against destructive social and political issues. As his followers, we should boldly stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world - now.

I nominate 4 Simpson's Blog: Eternity Matters.

Eternity Matters blog is a wonderful Christian site that is devoted to Jesus Christ. The blog owner, Neil, is open to discussing and debating the important social, moral, political, and spiritual issues of our time.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart - (Psalm 37:4)

I nominate Culture Watch

Bill Muehlenberg's blog is a website devoted to exploring the major cultural, social and political issues of the day. It offers reflection and commentary drawing upon the wealth of wisdom found in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

It offers reflective and incisive commentary on a wide range of issues, helping to sort through the maze of competing opinions, worldviews, ideologies and value systems. It will discuss critically and soberly where our culture is heading.

I nominate the Voice of the Martyrs Persecution Blog

I nominate Christocentric

Seeing the world through the eyes of Christ!

A Dervish's Du`a'

A Dervish's Du`a' is the Godblog of Umm Yasmin, a Muslim living in Melbourne Australia.

I nominate

I hereby gnominate One Cosmos.

Pastor Heber Brown's Faith in Action On line

I nominate my Jew Wishes blog.

Blogging on religion, on book reviews and news written by Jewish authors and/or Jewish themes, with splashes of Judaism and its customs, Jewish community, films and such…advocating peace, religious and cultural understanding.

A Jewish Blog: The Blog at 16th and Q.

Joo-Tube - The Joos' News

Joo-Tube provides a contemporary perspective from history's most maligned faith.

We offer an outreach to learn about the oft-scapegoated Jewish faith & culture firsthand (and sometimes serve to expose the scapegoaters).

Joo-Tube serves as an ambassador to people of all faiths from around the globe. I film and show (religious and cultural) sights and insights otherwise inaccessible (such as our orthodox, Feast of Tabernacles' Torah worship service; or exclusive, 30 min video interview with the Holy Land-based Chairman of El Al Israel Airlines).

Please choose Joo-Tube: "Three thousand years of beautiful tradition - from Moses to Sandy Koufax"

Skip Heitzig is a radio show host of 'The Connection' heard daily on over 100 radio stations and is also the host of 'Hot Spots,' short messages heard on many of the same stations.

I nominate Happy Catholic:

I'd like to nominate

Pyromaniacs ... setting the world on fire.

Glory to God for All Things:

I nominate a great collections of book reviews across genres but specializing in religious books.

I nominate the Catholic Dad's Blog it is a site to help build community among Catholic Dads. Catholic moms rock when it comes to building community. We men...not so good. That is what Catholic Dads is all about. Here we can share stories. Debate the issues of the day. Give advice. Share our faith. You know, guy stuff.

I wish to nominate Amateur Catholic The B-Team the home of the Amateur Catholic® bloggers - or as we like to refer to ourselves, the B-team. We don't write books or do speaking tours. In fact, we barely do our jobs. That's not to say we're unambitious though... You see, this coalition is just the second phase our blogoshpere conquest. We suppose you could think of us as amateur crusaders too.

Membership will not bring you any money, perks, notoriety, or prestige - but you will get the privilege of proudly displaying the B-team badge on your blog! Lucky you, huh?

I nominate Get Religion, the best and longest running group blog about religious news reporting.

I'd like to nominate Ask Sister Mary Martha:

And second the nominations on Happy Catholic and Conversion Diary. :)

I'd like to nominate Oswald Sobrino's charasmatic evangelical Catholic blog,

I'd like to nominate "The Deacon's Bench"

The Deacon's Bench
One of my favorite blogs.

I would like to nominate "A Concord Pastor" He has thoughtful inspiring posts that get my day moving.

I nominate Broken Alabaster in the Best Religious Blog category

Broken Alabaster

Broken Alabaster is a Catholic blog about holiness and virtue. The name is taken from the Gospel story of the women who brought expensive perfumed oil to Jesus in an alabaster jar. Everyone welcomed!

I would also like to nominate

Happy Catholic

It's a delightful Catholic blog with heart!

I nominate my own blog "The Intersection" at

I nominate Sentire Cum Ecclesia

I nominate the nuns at

A Penitent Blogger

reflections on the readings and saints of each day

I nominate Active Christian Media blog.

I nominate Tariq Nelson. He is a moderate Muslim that runs a blog on American and African-American issues

Tariq Nelson's blog is at

Christianblog is simply the best site I've ever seen for sound theological blogs, interesting discussions, and an intimate community of brothers and sisters in Christ. Probably the best part of Christianblog is the tireless monitoring by a dedicated team. We all feel completely safe to be a member of the CB family, and precisely that is who we are to one another: family.

I wholeheartedly nominate

With over 6,500 active members now and more joining everyday, is a highly subscribed to blog that is open to individual bloggers of any Christian denomination. It is well organised, quick and easy to navigate. As a blog in the religious genre, it is one of the fastest, if not THE FASTEST growing.

There is always something new and engaging to read. From the difficult questions in life to the issues of a postmodern society, inspiring testimonies and touching moments; there is a category for every sort of blog and even a dedicated home for open discussions. A team of volunteers monitor and moderate entries and comments, maintaining balance and impartiality. This is by far the safest place to blog.

I have been greatly blessed as a member of Christianblog's genuine global community. For a serious Christian blogger or the casual reader, and everyone else in between, it is the one blog site that is worth the daily visit. Every blogger wants readers and every reader wants something worthwhile to peruse - for that, is the best bet yet.

Agree with doulos. Awesome website!!

Stuff Christians Like is the most entertaining and thought provoking site.

Stuff Christians Like

This is a safe and great place to collect ones thoughts over time.

Stuff Christians Like

BEST EVER!!!!! has given me a platform to share my thoughts and life lessons and have a wonderful group of people who add value to my life by building on what I share., the best for sure

Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf; a great blog!

What Does the Prayer Really Say?


I can think of no better, more fair, upright and honest place on the internet to express one's thoughts via blogs than Having written over 400 postings on this site, I can say with 100% certainty that in every aspect, both technically as well as spiritually; this site IS THE BEST.

I cannot begin to express what a wonderful community the site provides and the awesome freedom that comes from not having to be concerned about abusive comments or posts. The things done to protect the site from abuse are unequaled anywhere else. Safety is a huge concern and one I am very thankful to have on

No contest as far as I am concerned as to who is the best. wins in every category.

Father John Zuhlsdorf's What Does The Prayer Really Say?

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

The Best!

What Does the Prayer Really Say
Fr. Z


Father John Zuhlsdorf's What Does The Prayer Really Say?

I nominate "What Does This Prayer Really Say"
rss: is so amazing and uplifting! I can think of no better way than this contest to show Christianblogs true colors. is so amazing and uplifting! I can think of no better way than this contest to show Christianblogs true colors.

I nominate Fr. Z for his

This blog is the BEST religious blog bar none !

I agree with the nomination of "What Does the Prayer Really Say" of Fr. Zuhlsdorf. A necessary daily read.

Always thoughtful, stimulating, love the thoughts of a Catholic woman

Love the thoughts of a Catholic woman, always thoughtful

Christianblog is the best ever! It has encouraged my walk in Christ so much. The fellowship with other Christians is awesome and I am so blessed every time I sign on.

I nominate "What does the Prayer Really Say" !


I nominate Conversion Diary.

I would like to recommend "Standing On My Head" at

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Father Zuhlsdorf is a liturgical expert, witty and wise, and shares good food, travels and glorious vistas through his ever ready camera. My first read in the morning.


rss: http.//

I nominate
This is an awesome christian site with great fellowship, spiritual teaching, everyday life problem solving, prayer support and just plain fun.

I nominate WDTPRS, What does the prayer really say? Fr Z's blog

“What a truly GREAT site ChristianBlog.Com is! So many other sites are about the numbers and there isn't any real community being built. ChristianBlog.Com gives me the opportunity to not just meet other Christians, but in a cyber kinda way, meet their needs through prayer and encouragement. I am really enjoying the wide variety of personalities and ages that this site has and the many benefits that my Premier Membership has to offer. I'm recommending it to all my friends and family with 100% confidence that their "safety "will be protected.” - greybear

I nominate Fr.Z's blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say. It's a must read every day.


I nominate Fr. Z's blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say. It is a must read every day.


I nominate Fr. Z's blog, "What does the Prayer Really Say" at

His blog title does not give his writing justice. It's the best compendium of what's really happening in the Church that I know. So many posts and so much news!!! Even better, he's a righteous man.

I gladly nominate What Does the Prayer Really Say. GO WDTPRS!


Hereby nominating the inimitable Fr. Z

Thanks !

What Does the Prayer Really Say?


I would like to nominate
Adrienne's Catholic Corner

I nominate One Cosmos

I nominate the very informative site:

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


Great religion blog

I nominate
It is easy to use, well structured for reference, monitored for reasonable comments, and has great bloggers.

Hands down the best blog out there about the Roman Catholic faith.

"Ten Reasons"

I nominate Fr. Z's WDTPRS.

What Does the Prayer Really Say?

Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Slavishly Accurate Liturgical Translations!!

I nominate:

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


I nominate:

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


I nominate:

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


What does the Prayer Really Say?
by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is the best religious blog site available. It is the best designed, organized, and managed religious blog site - bar none.

The integrity of the members allow for all points of view to be expressed in a respectful and loving (Christian) manner. The sites success is due to the webmaster's carefully designed new member introduction and posting structure. The site excels at building relationships within its community. is worthy of being a nominee in the prestigious Web Awards competition.


James L. Clark

I nominate Bob Godwin's One Cosmos

Best spiritual food I ever ate.

I recommend Christian Blog. I'm new to that site, but felt comfortable from the beginning and look forward to a growing and lasting fellowship with all the members. It's just as the name states, a "Christian Blog"

I absolutely Love this site. I have been a member there for almost two years and have been totally blessed by the Christian family there, the blogs, the chatroom and the prayer section. It is a blessing in my life!

I would like to nominate

Although I had already been a member prior to my diagnosis with breast cancer, this blog site became a crucial source of support for me particularly as I went through treatment.

This is much more than just a blogging site. It is a community of brothers and sisters in Christ who provide love, encouragement and prayer for other members. It is a place for me to express my thoughts, feelings and fears as well as vent. It is a place for me to laugh as well as cry.

When things in treatment were tough, it seemed like someone always heard my cry...even in the wee hours of the morning and they were half-way around the world.

I truly believe this site was crucial in helping me deal with my illness and treatment. I am forever grateful and I thank God daily for bringing me to this site.

This is why I want to nominate them as the best religious blog site. "this site" I mean // !!!

I nominate WDTPRS blog--the best of the Catholic blogs!!

I wanted to voice my nomination for the website ( ) but it seems a whole bunch of other people already have, so please include my vote in with theirs.

By the way, the primary rss feed at ChristianBlog.Com is:

Seems nobody has mentioned that yet.

There is very little I can say about the website that has not already been said by others above. It truly is the best I've ever been apart of.


What Does the Prayer Really Say?


I nominate this excellent blog:

I nominate There probably is not any more informative blog out there.
It's most excellent!

I nominate There probably is not any more informative blog out there.
It's most excellent!

Christianblog has provided me with information, understanding, and fellowship to a degree I have never before experienced. I appreciate enormously the manner in which the site is supervised and feel very secure within it. A short time after joining I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and from the moment I shared that information on the site I was blanketed in prayer. These people are my friends,I trust them, and I have no doubt that God heard their prayers for me and then answered them in a mighty way. I feel truly blessed to be a member of this wonderful blogging community.

I'd like to nominate Fr. Z over at
"What Does the Prayer Really Say?"



I nominate "What Does the Prayer Really Say?"


It would have to be CB for me! Check it out for yourself!

I nominate Vivificat!

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