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I would like to nominate Real Climate - this site has been delivering amazingly detailed science-based information for many years and deserves all the recognition it can get:

I would also like to nominate the hugely popular Pharyngula blog written by well-known biologist PZ Myers. As far as I know, this is the most popular blog in the network:

I'd like to nominate my blog The Mouse Trap, which is focused on psychology and Neuroscince.

If the Mouse Trap can nominate themselves, so can I! :)

Evil Monkey and I write at on neuroscience, physiology, and academia.

Western Institute for Study of the Environment

Watts Up With That

I would like to propose :

I would like to nominate Watts Up With That?
It is very informative and also very rigorous in analyzing and presenting scientific data.

Watts Up With That

Excellent and realistic appraisals and information regarding an important topic.

Climate Audit

The Reference Frame


Best site on the net if you are skeptical at all of the 'climate change' phenomenon, and want the real science.
because the truth will set you free

Best and most honest science blog by far

Refreshing and intelligent in its approach and persistent in pointing out how remarkably underdressed the emperor appears to be.


CLIMAT AUDIT for real truth. for backup truth.

Unafraid to dissent from the accepted group think.

Great. The deniers are already spamming the nominations. That's just lovely.


Watts Up With That

Watts Up With That?

SOS Forests
Western Institute for Study of the Environment

Watch as the federal government allows millions of acres of federal, state and private land to be destroyed in preventable catastrophic wildfires.

WISE Save Our Forests

Yes, we can.....stop turning our forests into brushfields.....stop spewing massive greenhouse gasses.....stop incinerating our forests....and use science and hands-on expertise to restore our forests using the best science available.

Otherwise, this massive on-going disaster will become known as "Obama's Katrina".

Stop the senseless incinerations of the government's Let-Burn program!!

Watts Up With That

I would like to nominate:

For helping to keep climate science honest.

Great blog, solid information.

Watts Up With That

Watts Up With That is one of my favorites

I would like to nominate

Watts Up With That? by Anthony Watts

Always interesting and informative

The best Brownies served hot (not warm) with a side of statistics are at Lucia's "The Blackboard"

I am amazed that no one has nominated WattsupwithThat!!1!!!! This is clearly a conspiracy. This site is already rigged if you don't nominate Anthony Watts.

An amazing site run by an equally amazing Anthony Watts
SOS Forests - excellent.

In a world that seems to be more interested in political advocacy than science on many issues - particularly in respect to "climate change" - this site sticks to the real underlying issues in investigating scientific findings and only then are any attempts made to determine what that investigation actually reports.

Its premise is to see the horse actually only being put in front of the cart, when the cart is good and ready. A breathe of clear scientific air in an otherwise political arena.

The Reference Frame

No question

Dr. Lubos Motl

Watts Up With That? by Anthony Watts
Always interesting and informative

A simply wonderful blog.

Wide variety of commentators.

Honestly run blog attempting to keep the climate records honest.

Climate Science: by Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group News

Climate Audit

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group News

Watts up with that? Anthony Watts

Sherwood Idso

Sound science tactfully and engagingly presented.

What we are going to have here is one of those Ross Perot moments, with the lone Jackalope in the running (looks like Phlembgula so far) winning the whole shebang, while the reality based community is splitting their vote.

Ah what the hell.

Lubos Motl: The Reference Frame

Climate Audit - Steve McIntyre

Climate Science

Watts up with that? Anthony Watts

The biggest scientific controversy of our time is the climate one and those on the cutting edge are the skeptical sites already mentioned here, Watts Up With That,,, lucia's Blackboard at, and Lubos Motl's site. On the true believer side, RealClimate has advocates as does Tamino's not so Open Mind. Andy Revkin does pretty well at DotEarth.

I nominate wherever Leif Svalgaard is commenting at the moment.

I nominate Will Baird's excellent "The Dragon's Tales", an eclectic science blog featuring the latest in paleontology, evolution science, astronomy,and rocketry among other topics. Well done.

I'd like to nominate SciGuy, of the Houston Chronicle. He does good general science coverage and his work during hurricanes Gustav and Ike was exceptional.

Always honest, always open, trying to determine reality and do real science.

My website is my own, neither soliciting nor accepting grant or foundation funding. There are no ads to distract the visitor. Many facets of property rights research are listed alphabetically along the left side of the Home Page. Visitors worldwide are on the site daily and the top five ranking for "property rights" at Google underscores the site's importance to property rights, resource providing and freedom, all parts of the whole.

I would like to nominate as one of, if not "the" most comprehensive websites on the 'Net for things related to the Klamath Basin of southern Oregon / northern California and the Klamath Project. Includes much about the various federal and state agencies at work in the Basin, plus flowcharts for the Klamath River, dam information, commercial and other fishing, and so much more. Scroll down the home page to utilize the Search function. Almost all things Klamath may be found here!

I'd like to nominate as one of, if not "the" most important such sites. Based in Denmark, Aodhan Cullen has built an amazing website for those seeking to delve into the coolest statistics regarding their own websites. Unless you need to know more than the last 500 visitors, the service is FREE!

Watts up with that?

Climate Audit

Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre are doing such a great job with limited resources; it needs to be recognized. If this award was not limited to Blogs, I would propose Anthony Watts' other site, Surface Stations (, as a site showing how Science is being done live, rather than just talking about it.

I would like to nominate or The Klamath Bucket Brigade's website. It's a one stop site for everything you ever wanted to know about the Klamath Basin Water Crisis of 2001 when the United States Government shut off irrigation water to over 220,000 acres of productive farm land in South central Oregon to protect two ESA listed sucker fish in Upper Klamath Lake and the threatened coho salmon in the Klamath River. The site contains links to biological opinions, science reports, and details what has happened in the Klamath Basin since 2001 to the present day. Recent federal and state plans are to remove the four hydroelectric dams in the Klamath River. The DOI has agreed to fund a economic and science feasibility study to make sure removing the dams is the right thing to do. On this site, up to date information will continue to be available.

I'd like to nominate

Excellent info, and from time to time one gets a bonus haiku on the sun.

The Blackboard - Finally a place for serious climate discussion without non-stop acrimony

The best science blog is written by a scientist who believes "the more you look, the more it smells." Skepticism is necessary and critical, especially when science affects politics. I nominate the blog, Watts Up With That.
Anthony, God bless you for making the world a better place.


Deals with neuroscience, general science, pseudoscience, and critical thinking


Science-Based Medicine

Group blog dealing with all issues related to science and medicine

Easy Eco - Easy ways to save green and be green

Joe Romm at Climate Progress does an amazing job reporting and analyzing the science of climate change - works very hard and deserves credit:

Consistently providing quality space science news and more often than not breaking the news is NASA Watch.

Seeing as the others I was going to recommend are already listed, I've upped their score rather than repeat. (Kind of annoying how some minions don't bother reading the rules in their zealotry.)

The only one missing from the list I'd nominate would be Open Mind (

I'd like to add:

After Gutenberg

An irreverent look at science and technology for solving the climate crisis.

I would nominate
for quick response to events

for deep consideration of global climate change and a knowledgeable group of posters.

I think Climate Progress is an exceptionally good source for insightful analysis of climate science and policy.

The award has disqualified itself in 2007.

Judging from the nominations here it might happen again this year.

Thus I nominate no blog.

I assume that the second one is the RSS feed. I totally love this site and its integrity for good sound scienc

I would like to nominate

Climate Progress is a great blog from a guy who knows what he is talking about.

Climate Progress

Real Climate

Climate Progress has the most accurate climate change and political news and opinions. I vote for Joe Romm of Climate Progress!

I'd like to nominiate the webstie

I like this site and its integrity for good sound science

I would like to nominate Climate Progress as the Best Science Blog for its indefatigable efforts to keep the public aware of news of events in science and politics that will affect the climate in ways that will make it either more likely or less likely that humans will survive a disastrous change in the world climate. It also works hard with great accuracy to show how others are trying to deny and/or delay the necessary response to the threat of the human generation of greenhouse gases and why they are wrong.

Scientist and author Joe Romm's comprehensive analysis of the relationships between climate, energy, economics, and national security gives us the big picture - along with clues and cues for redirecting the global community away from its current trajectory of environmental disaster. Romm's blog is a "must read" for any leader who cares about the world we inhabit now, and the one we'll pass to the next generation.

Scientist and author Joe Romm's comprehensive analysis of the relationships between climate, energy, economics, and national security gives us the big picture - along with cues and clues for redirecting the global community away from its current trajectory of environmental disaster. Romm's blog is a "must read" for any leader who cares about the world we inhabit now, and the one we'll pass to the next generation.

For the reasons stated by others. This is an excellent blog

I agree with Michele Moretti

Former Clinton Energy Secy. Joseph Romm's Climate Progress consistently covers the really important climate policy news of the day. Scratch that: of the hour. Plus, he's funny.

Climate Progress

Climate Progress is a propaganda site for the true believers in CO2=AGW.

I would like to nominate "CleanTechies" - a great blog on cleantech, renewable energy and energy sufficiency. Its bloggers share their insights with the CleanTechies community.

I would like to nominate "CleanTechies" - a great blog on cleantech, renewable energy and energy sufficiency. Its bloggers share their insights with the CleanTechies community.

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