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I nominate The Colossus of Rhodey.



By the way, I attempted to sign in via TypeKey, but I got a message stating that this site hasn't yet been configured for using it.


I second the nomination for The Colossus of Rhodey.



i would like to nominate Singapore's Only Male Bitch for this category.

Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Only Male Bitch

I nominate:

If Mom Says OK

I would like to second the The Colossus of Rhodey nomination!

It's stylish. It's urbane. It's religious. It's sexual. It's gay. It's obsessed with language. It's witty. It's:

Farmboyz/Perge Modo

I read this blog so I don;t have to read The Bee
McClatchy Watch

I nominate Leaning Straight Up


I nominate Leaning Straight Up
(repairing typo)

It's About The Money, Stupid (a baseball/sports blog)

I am endorsing

Farmboyz/Perge Modo

(and not just because my husband writes it and is typing this for me.)
Tinkerbell's Momma Kat

A blog dedicated to put a happy smile on your face - happy ending animal rescue stores, family (double-trouble twins included), and charming pets as well.

Baby boomer writing about stuff of interest to other boomers, or those that know one.

Suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

Baby boomer writing about stuff of interest to other boomers, or those that know one.

Suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

The Digital Cuttlefish at - poetry about the modern world, including science, skepticism, politics, atheism and just plain common sense:

Digital Cuttlefish

Digital Cuttlefish RSS

I second the nomination for Tinkerbell's Momma Kat.



Ignite Your Thoughts!

I nominate, which is a Stephen Colbert-centric news blog and fan site.'

Blogs the anniversary of a historical execution (or occasionally, a literary one ...) once a day, every day, 54 weeks and counting. Authority in the 80's.

D'oh. I fail on proper format; try this:

Executed Today

Kiko's House

The Apostate


We Move to Canada

Dinosaur Trader

Reno and Its Discontents

World O Crap blog


The Aristocrats

bastard logic



Bark Bark Woof Woof

Foreign Policy Watch

If I Ran the Zoo




Roger Ailes

Simply Left Behind

William K. Wolfrum Chronicles

I nominate:

My Domestic Church

Pigeons and Planes

Not even completely sure what "authority" is but I think it's how many times I'm linked on other peoples pages. Not sure but my blog is brand new but gaining popularity very quickly. This week my hits went from around 1000 a day to over 3,000 a day. Yesterday I got over 5,000. I think my site is growing so fast because I update it so often and I have good content. Check it out for new music ranging from indie rock to mainstream hip hop.


Squob is the only RVing website with an eye for design. We cover the best new vehicles and the coolest classics.

Up and Coming since 2002, with several thousand posts mostly about immigration:

I would like to nominate the following:

Weapons of Mass Discussion

++ Foreign Policy Watch

I'm going to nominate myself, dang it.

Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time

I nominate:

Less than a year old and nearing first million of pages viewed

I would like to nominate daddyBstrong. I've checked other blogs, and, from the ones I've checked, I don't see any other that blends current events with history as I do, especially since I use music and literature (mainly poetry and quotes from fiction and non-fiction books) to enrich the posts.

Well, mine has been an "up and coming" blog for about three years now, but I guess that is life:

walls of the city

I nominate Staralicious for best up and coming blog.

Blog that is paving the way for the Modern Muslim woman.

Yep, nominating myself!! Why the heck not?

I nominate Jimmie, I go to him everyday and he's GREAT!
The Sundries Shack

I'd like to nominate Jamelle. I'm normally not a fan of political blags, but I'm glad to make an exception for his:

The United States of Jamerica

As much as I'd love to nominate myself, I can't compete with OneMom:


I nominate The 99 Cent Chef, an up and comer stirring up food blogging pot.

I nominate Jamelle's blog at


Singapore's Only Male Bitch

TSX TrendWatch Weekly

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