Daily Notes - January 5

With polls now open we need to describe one of the changes in the voting mechanism this year.

Every year review the vote logs and voting patterns from previous years to fortify our defenses against manual and automated poll spamming.  This year we've made changes to protect against a handful of savvy folks who take it upon themselves to try and ruin the fun for everyone else.

This year we've implemented additional defenses against poll spamming.  We can't go into all the changes, but we do want to alert you to one change that may affect a subset of users.

If there are multiple computers voting in a home, work, or corporate environment those voters should avoid voting at the same time or one right after another.  If you're not trying to cast votes in these situations simultaneously (or near simultaneously) then there shouldn't be any problem with them being counted.

Due to the sensitivity of this issue we can't really answer every question about our security measures, but know that we have multiple layers of security that are always balanced with providing open voting access to everyone.  The result is a secure, enjoyable experience.

Again, the vast majority of voters will never notice, nor be affected, by these changes, nor will the system ever drop a vote that they cast.  We just wanted to make sure everyone participating knows what's happening.

About The Weblog Awards

The Weblog Awards are the world's largest blog competition with over 545,000 votes cast in 2007 edition and nearly two million votes cast in all editions since 2003.

For The 2008 Weblog Awards open and public nominations in 48 categories began on November 3, 2008.  Voting for selected finalists is expected begin in early December 2008.

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Once the polls open comments will be disabled on the site, but you are invited to join us in The Weblog Awards discussion forums if you want to talk about the awards, the nominees, or ask questions.

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