2008 Weblog Awards Finalists

Here is a complete list of the finalists for The 2008 Weblog Awards. Finalists badges (hosted by Imageshack) will be available Wednesday. Voting is scheduled to begin on January 5, 2009.

Please note that the names of the Technorati Autority categories have changed, and two of the categories were merged into one.  The master list of nominations posts is here.

I'd like to thank my team of volunteers who helped look through the thousands and thousands of nominations to come up with the best slate of finalists we've ever had.  For those who were nominated but not selected as finalist, please read this.



Best Blog Best New Blog Best Individual Blogger Best Humor Blog Best Comic Strip Best Online Community Best Liberal Blog Best Conservative Blog Best Political Coverage Best Celebrity Blogger Best Technology Blog Best Sports Blog Best Military Blog Best Law Blog Best Business Blog Best LGBT Blog Best Parenting Blog Best Education Blog Best Science Blog Best Medical/Health Issues Blog Best Religious Blog Best Pet Blog Best Food Blog Best Blog Design Best Photo Blog Best Culture Blog Best Literature Blog Best Fashion Blog Best Travel Blog Best Diarist Best Gossip Blog Best Music Blog Best Podcast Best Video Blog Best Canadian Blog Best UK Blog Best European Blog (Non UK) Best Asian Blog Best Middle East or Africa Blog Best Australia or New Zealand Blog Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog Best Major Blog (Authority over 1001) Best Very Large Blog (Authority between 501 and 1,000) Best Large Blog (Authority between 301 and 500) Best Midsize Blog (Authority between 201 and 300) Best Small Blog (Authority between 101 and 200) Best Up And Coming Blog (Authority between 51 and 100) Best Hidden Gem (Authority between 0 and 50)


I'll apologize in advance if anything is spelled incorrectly.  Please do let us know (admin at weblogawards dot org) and we'll get it fixed before the polls are populated.


Comments will be open briefly...  Avoid derogatory or otherwise questioning comments about sites selected (or not selected), as those comments will be removed and end the comment period.


Thank you for the Finalist Vote for Best New Blog! I'm honored!

Susan Vaughn

I'm delighted and honored to be selected as a finalist in the Best Photo Blog category. Thank You!

Wow, I didn't even think I'd get nominated (aside from my own, that is *cough*), let alone get through to the finals. A big thank you to all those who voted previously and to the Weblog Awards organisers. Do come back when the polls open and vote for BlogF1 again! :)

What an honour to be a finalist in Best European Blog (Non UK) for the second year in the row! May the best blog win :-)

What a wonderful surprise to be nominated in the political coverage category.

Thank you very much!

Along with the other headliners and regular commenters at The Confluence, we are delighted and honored to be among the finalists for best liberal blog.

Thanks so much for shortlisting me for Best Culture Blog. Hoped for but totally unexpected. (My inner Norma Desmond wishes to thank the entire telephone book - down girl!!!)

Madam Miaow

I am so honored to be a finalist for Best New Blog. That's guys for giving real power to my words! - Kevin

I'm honored to be nominated in both the Hidden Gem and Political Coverage categories. To simply be mentioned in the same category as the other finalists is a reward in itself!

Thanks to all who voted! And thanks to the Awards staff!

Wow, I'm so honored! Thanks for all your work, Kevin, Sean!

10,000 lotus blossoms for including the fiction blog, Diary of a Heretic, among your Best Literature Finalists.

And how brilliant of you to include:
BLUE GIRL in a RED STATE (BLUE STATE) among the finalists for Best Diarist;
THE VIEW FROM HERE for the Best UK blogs;
MY MARRAKESH for the BEST Middle East or African blog;
and JON SWIFT among the Best Humor blogs.

PS. This is Kathleen Maher. I had to comment anonymously because I'm out of the country and couldn't get my passwords, which I know all too well, thank you, to work on the cafe computer.

I am surprised and honored to find that Things Good Parents Do has been selected as a finalist for Best Parenting Blog. Thank you to all who voted and thank you to all you hard-working judges! I am looking forward to the finals.

Thank you so much for selecting me as finalist in the Up and Coming Blog category. I am honored!

We're honored by our nomination! Thank you, and thank you to everyone who recommended us.

Thanks for including us as a finalist in the Best Blog Design category. We are very honored. May the best blog win.

WOW...i hope i manage to get a nomination next year

Go SKIPPY! Remember, when Jon Stewart wants hard hitting news he turns to CNN...and when they want hard hitting news they turn to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!

Wooo Hooo! A million hopping THANK YOU'S!

It's an honor to be nominated! Congrats to all the other finalists.

Canada continues to wallow in the muck of a Conservative government! I am glad to be a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards in order to have the opportunity of exposing our corrupt, 'Bush-loving' administration!

All of these blog award nominations, and not one URL so that I can go visit them! Get some linkage going.

Thank you for making Rumproast a finalist, but what's a weblog? Are they those things that wobble but don't fall down or are they nerds who aren't quite Boy Scouts?

how can i add all these blogs to my Google Reader..

We're working on link lists (with feed links) today....

Thank you so very much for selecting Black Women, Blow The Trumpet! as one of the finalists in the Best Small Blog category!

I am so appreciative of this distinction!

Congratulations to all of the nominees in all categories!

Thanks for nominating The Confluence! I am honored to be a part of that excellent blog.

Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to Kevin and everyone involved in organizing this every year.


Thank you so much! I am both honored and humbled.

Congratulations to all the finalists! I will definitely encourage my readers to surf around and visit blogs in other categories they may not have discovered in their own travels in the blogosphere. Thanks again for including Pam's House Blend in the list of finalists for Best LGBT Blog, and good luck to all. :)


Although I am slightly disappointed that Grace The Spot will not get the chance to be utterly obliterated by Pam's House Blend (run by Pam Spaulding above) in the LGBT category, I am ecstatic that Grace The Spot has been nominated for Best New Blog. Cheers!

a minor spelling correction and a comment

you have fivethirtyeight spelled wrong

and ...

no slashdot?

I am both stunned and honored to be included in the list of Finalists for 'Best Conservative Blog'. My only dilemma now is who to vote for ...

Thanks to all who voted for me. Hopefully I'll be able to repay your support by not finishing dead last ...

I am so surprised and pleased to be a finalist for Best Individual Blogger.

Fixed. Thanks!

A total shock to have been nominated much less selected under Best LGBT Blogs and to be in such good company as the other selectees. Thanks so much...


Thanks SO much for nominating No Quarter as the "Best Political Blog." I love being their cartoonist. Great writers to work with.

Wow! So, like, this entitles me to a free night of babysitting, right? (kidding. unless of course it does, in which case, SCORE!)

Anyways. Thanks! I'm super excited to be a finalist.

Thank you so much for including Wind Rose Hotel as a finalist in the Best European Blog category. I am very honored. May the best blog win.

woohoo!..THANKS TRUCKLOADS GUYS!!!! xoxoxoxo

While I didn't make the cut, I want to congratulate those who did and also thank Kevin and company for all of the hard work that goes into this every year.

One question: the categories from earlier in the month looked like this:

Best Large Blog (Technorati Authority over 1001)
Best Mid Major Blog (Technorati Authority between 751 and 1000)
Best Mid Minor Blog (Technorati Authority between 501 and 750)
Best Small Major Blog (Technorati Authority between 301 and 500)

Which seems to be different than how the categories actually turned out. Just wondering what happened with that -- or whether I'm misunderstanding the segments.


I had a lot of fun at my place fantasizing about the blog awards after party. I also blog at one of my competitor's blogs, so that makes things deliciously...awkward. ha!

Thanks to those who nominated me. I post a lot for someone with small traffic, so being nominated for Best Liberal Blog was a real shock.

Shout out to Driftglass for best individual blogger, Skippy for best large blog, and Jon Swift for best humor blog. Awesome gentlemen all!

Thank you all for nominating me. I'm so proud that I can be part of such a prestigious group of bloggers. I'm humbled by this honor. http://bloggasm.com

I alluded to this in yesterday's posts.

Best Mid Major Blog (Technorati Authority between 751 and 1000)
Best Mid Minor Blog (Technorati Authority between 501 and 750)

Were combined into:

Best Large Blog (Technorati Authority between 501 and 1000).

The other two were just renamed to be able to remove "Major" and "Minor" from the category name and to reflect the progression with the new Large Blog category. I was never a big fan of the original names.

Combined there were only ~45 nomination between those two original categories. We evaluated the nominations of the two categories collectively when choosing the finalists for the new combined category.

Thanks for picking So Good as a finalist! It was a big year for the site and I'm honored that you consider it one of the top food blogs of 2008.

Thanks for making Israel Matzav a finalist in the Best Midsize Blog category. It's good to remind my wife that even people who don't know me personally read my blog.

And now, I have to go back to the war I'm covering.

You're all invited to stop by and see.

Wow. My blog is listed on the same page as John Mayer. Granted, one must scroll waaay down to see mine. But still. So awesome.

Why did you delete my comment, Aylward?

All I wrote was, "The Confluence is NOT a liberal blog."

It isn't. It's a PUMA blog.

Oh well...I guess there's always next year. Considering I've only been blogging for 8 months it was an honor just to get nominated by someone else.

You guys have selected some fine bloggers there. It's going to be a really tough decision just choosing one blogger from each of those categories.

Thank you for choosing my blog as a finalist in the Best Conservative Blog category.

And thanks for all the brilliant work on this - quite an undertaking.

Blabbeando! He's a nice guy and he's said 'Hello' to me!

Don't be such a Pharisee. Most PUMAs are liberal.

Thank you for selecting my blog to be one of the finalists in the "Best Religious Blog" category.

I feel honored.

Congratulations to all of the finalists in each category!

Because I thought I was pretty clear, no disparaging remarks about the blogs. I've deleted others that questioned why certain sites weren't selected as well...

What would be great is if you could provide this link with hypertext links so we could find them easily. Just a thought.

I thought I was pretty clear, no disparaging remarks about the blogs.

Again, the comment you deleted said only, "The Confluence is NOT a liberal blog."

That's disparaging?

Here's what's disparaging - putting liberals in the same category as PUMA's.

As you can see we're working on that. We have all the links and feeds, it's just a matter of getting them formatted properly. The polls will have link/feed listings as well. Give us a day or two to finish...

We're working on this right now. It just takes a while to organize the links and feeds from 500 or so blogs. Someone needs to invent Super Turbo Cut 'n Paste.

Wow! I honestly wasn't even expecting to make the finalist cut. I would say more, but in the words of Mark Twain "It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."

Thanks guys for nominating me for best sports blog. I must say that the short list was very nice. I visited each one of them and found out I liked the F1 Racing Blog a lot. I encourage others to check out the blogs mentioned here, as there are some really nice hidden gems.

Mine's Cozy Beehive and I write about cycling. http://cozybeehive.blogspot.com

Happy New Year!

Thanks guys for nominating me for best sports blog. I must say that the short list was very nice. I visited each one of them and found out I liked the F1 Racing Blog a lot. I encourage others to check out the blogs mentioned here, as there are some really nice hidden gems.

Mine's Cozy Beehive and I write about cycling. http://cozybeehive.blogspot.com

Happy New Year!

Thank you for selecting Southern Sass as a finalist!
Congratulations to all the finalists !


Not sure if it will help you or not, Kevin, but links to all the liberal blogs nominated are up at Crooks and Liars tonight.


I just wanted to join this thread and express my thanks and appreciation - to Kevin and everyone else who makes this great thing happen - for being selected as one of the finalists in the Best Parenting Blog category.

The blog is called "I think this world is perfect..." Except this time of year, when it goes by the name, "Amalah Road Kill..."

Well, maybe this year will be different. But it really is an honor just to be nominated, and this is one place where that's actually true. Thank you.

Thanks for the nomination! It's an honor - and lots of fun, too. Plus, I get one of those cool finalist badges. WooHoo! Thanks!

I feel very honored to have made the cut, and proud to be on the staff of two other blogs that did, too! Thanks.

Thanks so much for nominating swimming freestyle as "best new blog". I'm flattered and honored.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Wow! Thank you for selecting my blog as a finalist - what a wonderful surprise!

Good job on updating the links! :)

Thank you for selecting my blog as a finalist for Best Asia.
I do appreciate it.

Like Matt said it was a giant cut and paste job. Thanks to Matt and Jon for plowing through it.

Start exploring and subscribing!!!

I think we're all seeing double at this point, but thanks!

Congratulations and good luck to all.

On behalf of the staff of Media Spy, Australia's premier home of media news and information, we say thankyou for this honour. It has come as a complete surprise to us all.

We congratulate everyone else on the list and look forward to seeing the results!

You put a wrong link to Mossip, FYI. It`s so great having Mossip as a nominee!

Thank you ALL for the Savage Politics nomination. We are all very excited!! Best of luck to All other nominees.


On behalf of the team here at The View From Here a big thankyou :-)

Looking forward to a great 09 and good luck to everyone shortlisted.

I am humbled and honored to be chosen as a finalist for Best Middle East or Africa blog. Thank you so much!

Goooooooooooo Knee Deep in the Hooah!

I am honored. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thanks. We'll fix the link.

the day? it was crappy. And then this! thank you so much!

Oh my Cod! I can hardly believe my eyeballs! Thank you ever so much for including my curly cat blog. I am smiling real big.

I am deliriously happy that TransGriot is one of the ten finalists for Best LGBT blog.

However, it's misspelled in the list....

The link code has been fixed and should be reflected on the site shortly.

Dear Kevin,

We're disappointed that we didn't make the cut. Moreover, it seems that all the military contenders are pro-war, sycophantic and conservative.

What gives? Does the liberal opposition viewpoint of these wars not have any representation in this selection?

Rah-rah is not the same as patriotism, nor is it indicative of good writing.


Thanks so much for recognizing UCStory as an important health blog! We'd like everyone to know that the site has a new domain now: http://jpouch.net

EXACTLY the same content, just a new home. The old link should redirect.

Thanks again!


We are thrilled to be acknowledged by the Weblog awards as a nominee in the Medical/Health category for our blog UC to Jpouch Story.

Mark & Megan and the jpouch.net bloggers!

I must decline the finalist status of Whatever in the "Best Large Blog" category, for reasons I explain on my site, here. That said, thank you very much for the finalist ranking. I appreciate it.

I just read your blog. Enjoyed it. I will return to it more often.

I changed my mind about The Confluence. The fact that its authors voted for McCain** makes it the perfect choice for Best Liberal Blog. It's wonderfully post partisan! Kudos for seeing that, Kevin.

**Lady Boomer NYC, madamab, katiebird, mawminc, sm77, bostonboomer, dakinikat, garychapelhill, and myiq2xu voted for McCain. All I know for sure about riverdaughter is she voted against Obama.

I'm so happy that my blog has made the cut.

Thanks For all your hard work on this project, I've had such a good time checking out all the other finalists.

I can't wait to put the finalist badge on my site !

Thank you for making Folie a Deux a finalist for Best Travel Blog. It was quite unexpected, but very much appreciated. And to the nominator(s): my heartfelt gratitude for recognizing my little blog.

Thank you John. We're working on a replacement from the standby list.

Good luck to all participants, and especially my fellow nominees in the Canadian Blog category.

Thanks for the nomination! Good luck to everyone. There are many deserving blogs in this list.

Oh, and Happy 2009!

Mike Ott.
Senior Editor

On behalf of all the bloggers at The Confluence, I would like to say thank you to those of you who nominated us. It is an honor to be included in this list of such noteworthy bloggers. We are surprised and delighted.
May the best women and men win!

It's an honour for Hoyden About Town to be nominated in the Best Midsize Blog category. Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done collating all this. *off to find the finalist badges*

As a writer, I am humbled and proud to be a finalist in the category of “Best Individual Blogger”.

As a Chicagoan, I promise to wait a respectful interval before offering to trade my votes for a goodie bag of cash, public office and sexual favors.

That's a great list of Australian blogs in the "Best Australian or New Zealand Blog" category.

And, if I may...I was so shocked to be a finalist that I forgot to be gracious and thank you all for this crazy fun, awesome opportunity in my last comment. So thank you. I promise not to comment again.

Finalist badges are coming...

Our compatriot and designer Sean is working on them. If you click through on his name in the credits you can see him.

You can use the badges we previously made available temporarily. The finalist badges will come in the same sizes.

I'm honored to be chosen again as a finalist. Thanks for all your hard work, Kevin.

Thank you so much for choosing Electroqueer as one of the Best Music Blogs. It's an honor to be representing pop and electronic music among the other rock, indie, country and R&B blogs in the category. I am truly truly honoured to be chosen - again thanks :)

Looking forward.

Deep Capture is so happy with its nomination that it has already begun an organized voting campaign:

Deepcapture is the life work of my man-hero Patrick Byrne. I have forsaken all others in a pursuit of his acknowledgment of existence.

Some great picks, congrats to all, but my biggest question is: WHO LEFT OUT IOWAHAWK??? Dave Burge's satire IS the best on the web. I was terribly disappointed, and surprised. I am not alone in saying that IOWAHAWK is my first stop off everyday.

Thank you so much! I am really excited to have made it through. Thanks for all the time and work you guys put into pulling these awards off.

I'm not sure why Broke & Beautiful made the cut... But I'm definitely happy about it! You guys really know how to brighten a girl's day.


Wow! Thank you so much.

Thanks Kevin for all of your hard work putting this together and to the person who kindly nominated JFS for best medical/health issues blog.

What? My humble corner of cyberspace (inca kola news) makes it to the final of the mighty Weblogs Awards?

I'm honoured and thank you sincerely.

Despite being nominated, Iowahawk asked that we not include him in the finalist slate.

See here

Thank you so much for nominating Medium Large for Best Comic Strip! This really is a great honor!

Since I'm a sports blogger, I went right to your Best Sports Blog section, clicked one of the sites, and saw it did not post ONE entry in ALL of 2008. I'm not sayin' my blog deserves to be on the list, but at least I posted SOMETHING....

OMG. Rangeragainstwar and "LGF," seriously - turn off the computer for a bit and GET A LIFE.

Congratulations to all the finalists (even the political ones I don't agree with - yay for you!) and good luck!
I'm already become a huge fan of a couple blogs I'd never seen before, thanks to this! :)

OMG. Bamapachyderm!
LOL!!! BLO ME!!!

Thanks for the "Best Food Blog" nomination!

I would like to express my sincere appreciation that TYWKIWDBI was short-listed in the New Blog category. Just being chosen a finalist is an unexpected honor.


And that's how you got banned and when I decided to shutdown comments altogether. There's too much work for our team to do to have to deal with your childishness. Take it back to JG where you came from or take it to the forum.

Last year there was massive cheating in the voting for Best Science Blog (mainly votes for Climate Audit). I hope you've been able to put some better mechanisms in place to stop bots from voting.

Thank you for the heads up. We've removed that site and replaced it with Hugging Harold Reynolds, which was on the standby list.

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